What Should You Name Your Hipster Baby?

Who doesn't want their baby to be hipper than the rest? Do you know what you should name your little hipster? Take these 10 questions and find out what you should be naming your hipster baby!

Question 1/10

What do you want your baby to be when he grows up?
An artist
A musician
A writer
A barista
My basement tenant

Question 2/10

Do you currently wear glasses?
Yes because I need them
Yes because I like them
No I dont need them/wear contacts

Question 3/10

Which breed of dog do you most want to accompany your family?
French bulldog
Boston terrier

Question 4/10

Which of these areas are you most drawn to?
New York, NY
Nashville, TN
Los Angeles, CA
Philadelphia, PA
Portland, OR

Question 5/10

Is it more important to name your baby after somebody or for them to have their own name?
Named after someone
To have their own name
Only if I can name them after a celebrity or famous author

Question 6/10

Would it bother you if children in your kid's school had the same name as them?
Ugh absolutely
Not really
It'd be a bit annoying

Question 7/10

Would you still use a name you love even if you're not sure people will be able to pronounce it correctly?
As long as I know how to pronounce it that's all that matters

Question 8/10

Is it important to you that other people like your baby's name?
It's important that I like my baby's name
I don't care what other people think
It would bother me a little bit

Question 9/10

If you had to name your child after a family member, would you change the spelling to something more unique?
I like to put my own twist on everything
No tradition is tradition
I'm not sure

Question 10/10

Would you ever spell heaven backwards and call it a name?
I've done that
No way
I'd consider it
You should name your hipster baby Finley! The name Finley is of Irish origin and means "fair, hero." We think that's pretty fitting for a heroic hipster child such as yours!


You should name your hipster baby Atticus! Based on the character from "To Kill a Mockingbird," this name carries with it all of the traits of a stand up person with a great personality. We think it's the perfect fit for your little hipster!


You should name your hipster baby Juniper! The name Juniper is of youthful origin and describes someone who is eternally youthful and full of life. We think that's the perfect name for a permanently young at heart hipster baby!


You should name your hipster baby Zinnia! You've always been a flower lover and what's more beautiful than the unique zinnia flower! Much like your little hipster, this flower is one of a kind!


You should name your hipster baby Stellan! When you name your baby you want to make sure that no other child ever shares the same name as your precious little one. This name will guarantee that your child will never share a name with anyone else in his future school days!