What Percent Target Addict At Are You?

We can all agree that Target is the best in a lot of ways, but some of us are way more addicted to Target than the rest! Do you think your love of Target is actually an addiction? Take these 10 questions and find out!

Question 1/10

How many times per week do you visit your local Target?
1-2 times
3-4 times
5-6 times

Question 2/10

Do you always go over the top at the Target $1 area?
It's my everything
I can always pick up one or two things
I usually cruise right by

Question 3/10

How often do you take a cart when you go to Target?
Only if I know I'm going to pick up something big
I never use a cart

Question 4/10

When feeling low do you ever feel the need to stop by a Target to kill some time?
That's a strange coping method

Question 5/10

Do you get a natural high just from stepping through the Target doors?
How did you know?
No it's like entering any other store
Target is a magical experience

Question 6/10

How often do you leave Target buying lots of things you had no intention of buying?
Every time I leave Target
Most of the time when I leave Target
Almost never

Question 7/10

How often do you experience buyer's remorse when driving away from Target?
All the time

Question 8/10

What's the number one thing you buy at Target?
Household items
Seasonal items

Question 9/10

How often do you reevaluate your life after checking out?
I do this pretty often
I never do this
I've done this once or twice

Question 10/10

Have you ever purposely forgotton to buy something just so you would have to return to Target?
I've done this once or twice
You are 100% a Target addict. Every Sunday morning is like Christmas morning to you, as you know the new Target weekly ad is about to drop! You drop by Target pretty much every chance you can during the week. So much so, that the cashiers know you by name!

100% Target Addict

You are 80% a Target addict! Do the Target cashiers and staff know you by name? Could you inform a total stranger as to what aisle a very specific item is in? You're a target addict. You love everything about Target. The low prices the low lighting and the amazing products!

80% Target Addict

You're clearly seeing red because you are pretty much a full blown Target addict! When it comes to the giant bullseye, you stop by at least three times a week. you have a true fear of missing out on a new item or sale!

70% Target Addict

Like so many of us, you love a good Target run! There's something comforting about spotting the big red bullseye from a distance and knowing you're about to enter a Target. From the amazing products to the friendly staff. Target will always be your shop of choice!

40% Target Addict

You could go without Target if necessary! In fact, you're pretty much an equal opportunity shopper. If you're near a Target you'll enter, but if you're near a Walmart, you'll go there as well. You don't show any favoritism when it comes to shopping!

10% Target Addict