What Percent Grinch Are You?

Tis the season to discover just how much Grinch you've got inside of you! Is your heart two sizes too small? Let's find out!

Question 1/10

Which is painful to you?
Ripping off a band aid
Listening to Christmas carols
Being vulnerable
Eating a salad

Question 2/10

Christmas carols should....
Be sung loud and proud!
Be played at a low level
Never be played again

Question 3/10

When do you eat?
When I'm hungry
When I'm bored
When I'm scheming
It depends

Question 4/10

How often are you late?
I'm almost always late
I'm never late
I'm late every now and then

Question 5/10

What do you wallow in?
I don't wallow in anything
Self pity
The happiness of others
The sad state of the world

Question 6/10

In your opinion, children are....
The future
A gift to all
Annoying little monsters
Noise machines

Question 7/10

Do you think you're funny?
I'm the funniest person I know
I'm pretty funny
I'm not that funny

Question 8/10

Are you a hugger?
I avoid hugs like the plague
I'm always giving hugs
I hug when it's appropriate

Question 9/10

What do you smell like right now?
Sugar cookies
Perfume or cologne

Question 10/10

Who's your sidekick?
My dog
My best friend
My cat
I have many sidekicks
Uh-oh, based on the results of this quiz you are 100% Grinch! Not only do you not have the Christmas spirit, but people who do tend to annoy you to no end. You hate all of the cheer, whimsy, and warmth of this holiday more than anything else!

100% Grinch

Oh no! Based on the results of this quiz, you are 80% Grinch! Christmas doesn't fill you with warmth or joy, instead it fills you with anger and annoyance. From crowded shops to bustling city sidewalks, everything about this holiday makes your Grinch heart shrink even smaller.

80% Grinch

Based on the results of this quiz, you are 50% Grinch! Sure, sometimes the holiday can get on your nerve, but overall, you've got the Christmas spirit. While you can be a bit tense about shopping and carols, you truly embrace the warmth of the season.

50% Grinch

We've all got a little Grinch in us sometimes. What matters is that you don't let your Grinchiness detract from the season. Even though Christmas can be stressful, so long as you remember what the season is really about, you'll always have a heart that's ten sizes too big!

25% Grinch

Based on the results of this quiz, you are only 5% Grinch! In fact, we'd give you a lower percentage if we could. This season not only fills you with a sense of warmth and joy, you spread that feeling to all others that you encounter. You value everything that Christmas represents and have no trouble letting others know just how special this season is to you!

5% Grinch