What Part Of Your Soul Is Most Dominant?

Every soul is comprised of four parts, with one part dominating the rest and helping you to lead your life. Do you know which part of your soul is truly most dominant? It is the one that impacts each day and defines who you really are. Let's discover yoru dominant soul today! It may just change your world as you know it.

Question 1/10

How often do you remember your dreams?
I always remember my dreams.
I remember them for a bit, but then forget them.
I vaguely remember them.
I never remember.

Question 2/10

How often do you go to church or attend religious services?
Every Sunday, it is well with my soul.
Whenever I have the time.
On holidays.
Never, organized religion is not my thing.

Question 3/10

Who do you enjoy working with more: kids or animals?
I love working with animals.
Working with kids is most fulfilling!
I enjoy both equally.
I'm not fond of either.

Question 4/10

What kind of heart would you say you have?
A soft heart
A guarded heart
A broken heart
A dark heart

Question 5/10

If you attended a party, what would you be found doing?
Dancing like nobody's watching!
Stuffing my face.
Hitting the bar.
Mixing and mingling.

Question 6/10

Which of your chakras could use some attention?
Solar plexus

Question 7/10

How do you work to realign your spirit?
Time in nature.
Healthy foods.
Regular therapy.

Question 8/10

What do you think about when you see a rainbow?

Question 9/10

How do you come off when you meet new people?
Very shy and reserved.
Chatty and social.
A bit awkward.
Polite and well-mannered.

Question 10/10

What's your sense of humor like?
The part of your soul that is most dominant, is "The Ba." This is considered one of the most important parts of the soul. Luckily, it is the most dominant part of yours. Ancients believed that a personality allowed one to move between heaven and earth with ease. Ba lead the way, which allowed one to enjoy every opportunity that came their way. No wonder you have such an amazing life!

The Ba

The part of your soul that is most dominant is all important "Ka!" The Ka of the soul helps to lead the way. Think of your Ka as a travel guide or guardian. A vital spark that dominates how you live your life and moves you along the correct path. The Ka is what allows you to feel excited for what is just up around the bend!

The Ka

Your soul is dominated by the ancient Khat part of the soul. When you think of the soul, what do you see? Is it separated by body and spirit? Most of us see each thing as being different from the other; not you. The Khat is the body of the soul and it is your most dominant quality. It helps you to connect your physical and mental worlds. This is why you have learned to lead such a balanced life.

The Khat

Your soul is dominated by the ancient Ren! Back in Ancient Egypt, it was believed that each person held a different identity within he soul known as the Ren. Since you are dominated by the Ren, you are a highly spiritual soul who feels deeply connected to the world around you. Unlike many your age, you are very insightful, wise, and deep. That's because you see the things others miss.

The Ren