What One Thing Would You Take With You To A Deserted Island?

Would your desert island item be logical or a bit out of the ordinary? Are you destined to take something so completely useless that your survival on the island is highly improbable? Take this quiz and see what item you would take with you on a deserted island!

Question 1/10

Is hygiene a true priority of yours?
Whenever possible
Other things are more important

Question 2/10

What would you most likely be doing if on a doomed flight?
Waiting for the end
Consoling others

Question 3/10

How would you keep yourself sane on a desert island?
Explore and eventually befriend a volleyball
Build epic sand castles and hope my skill one day proves beneficial
Have pretend conversations with various trees/seashells
Focus on building my shelter/hunting

Question 4/10

Would you rather have a companion or useful tools on the island?
A companion
Useful tools
Why can't I have it all!?

Question 5/10

You would feel best on the island if....
I could manage to meditate and stay focused
I could somehow have my needs met
I could learn to live with less
I could never feel at peace on the island

Question 6/10

If you were to get injured on the island, how would you react?
I would cry out of frustration and throw a coconut at a rock
I would throw a child like hissy fit
Fix it as best as I could and carry on
Deal with it and move on

Question 7/10

What can always manage to cheer you up?
My family/friends
My pet
Listening to music
Reading a good book
Feeling the sun on my face

Question 8/10

Would you find it difficult to eat found objects such as berries or a turtle?
It depends on how hungry I am
No way I'm up for anything

Question 9/10

What would you miss most while on the island?
My family
Normal food
My beauty products
A real bed

Question 10/10

What would your attempt at signalling for help look like?
Flapping my arms like a crazy bird
Drawing help in the sand
A good signal fire
A message in a bottle
The one thing you would take with you on a desert island is a multi-tool! Congratulations, you might make it more than a month on the island! Unlike many of your deserted counter parts who want to bring iPads and Hostess cupcakes, you're bringing a tool that could actually aide in your survival! After all, no one has ever built a shelter with a cupcake.


The one thing you would bring on a desert island is a hammock! You've got the right idea. Being on a desert island might seem like paradise, but we're sure it gets stressful fast! Forget food and shelter, there's nothing more important than kicking your feet up and relaxing. Treat the island like a paradise and you might not end up talking to a coconut as if it's a person!

A Hammock

You would bring a willing companion to a desert island! We can't promise that they'll still be willing after arriving and realizing there's nothing, but hey, once they're stuck they're stuck. Having someone to talk to will not only save your sanity, but you'll have someone to dump half of the work on! Survival is a 50/50 game after all!

A Willing Companion

You would bring sunscreen to a desert island! Knives and fire starters are overrated. What you really want is some SPF 50. No one wants a nasty sunburn on a desert island. After all, until you build a shelter you're in the pretty much all of the time. Actually....maybe you should rethink this decision.


You would bring a solar powered radio to a desert island! You scoff at those who would bring sunscreen and hammocks, what really matters is a solar powered radio. Sure, the odds of you getting a signal out in the middle of the ocean are pretty slim, but even the sound of static could be more comforting than total isolation. We think you're sort of on the right track!

Solar Powered Radio