What % Of Your Dog Are You?

They say dogs are man's best friend, but what percent of your dog are you? Have you actually started to become your dog? Are your personalities merging into one? Let's find out with this enlightening canine quiz. You may be more like your four legged friend than you think!

Question 1/10

When you have guests come over to your house, what do you like to do?
Make food in the kitchen.
Sit by myself.
Greet everyone with a hug.
Let someone else deal with them.

Question 2/10

Is your personality more shy and mysterious or a bit more outgoing and playful?
Mysterious and shy
Just mysterious
Very outgoing
Outgoing and playful
It depends on my mood

Question 3/10

Would you rather play indoors or outdoors?
It depends on the weather
It depends on the season
It depends on my mood

Question 4/10

What could you do all day no matter what your mood?
Eat at an endless buffet.
Sit outside and look at the clouds.
Go for a long hike.
Lay in bed and watch TV.
Entertain friends and family.

Question 5/10

When someone tells you that you did something wrong, you tend to feel very...

Question 6/10

When you put a smile on someone's face, it makes you feel...
Totally unstoppable!
Like I've accomplished the greatest goal.
Pretty happy.
Good, but not anything special.
Normal, I do it all the time!

Question 7/10

Do you enjoy being home alone?
Yes, a million percent.
Sometimes, but not for too long.
Never, I like to be surrounded by people.

Question 8/10

How do you sleep at night?
On my side
On my stomach
On my back
A weird back/stomach situation

Question 9/10

How do you like to reward yourself for a particularly hard day?
Something sweet.
A stiff drink.
A nice meal.
A long bath.
Plenty of downtime.

Question 10/10

What do you think is the best part of being a dog?
The belly rubs
The sleep
The adoration
No responsibility
The unconditional love
You are 100% like your dog! In fact, it's hard to discern where you end and your dog begins. Somehow, you've started to take on many of your dog's habits and traits. Perhaps it's because your dog really is your best friend!

100% Of Your Dog

You are 70% like your dog! Let's face it, you and your pooch are basically one in the same. You've even started taking on some of their habits! When you stretch or lounge, you're almost indiscernible from your furry friend. Your dog is your best friend, so much so, that you're almost one being!


You're 50% like your dog! Sometimes, it's like you and your dog are one being. You can almost even communicate by looking into one another's eyes. Yet, you haven't fully become one with your dog just yet. We give it a few months!


You're 30% like your dog! You and your pooch spend a lot of time together. So much so, that you've started picking up on some of their habits. Of course, you haven't quite mastered the art of destroying the furniture just yet. While you're not 100% like your dog, you two are truly inseparable.


You're 15% like your dog! While you love your pooch dearly and would do anything to make them happy, you're not exactly like your dog in any ways. Perhaps, that's why you love your dog so much! While you bring the yin they bring the yang. Together, you live in perfect blissful dog human harmony!