What Nationality Are Your Manners?

Have you ever wondered which nationality your manners best fit? Take this quiz to find out!

Question 1/10

Are you generally more on the formal or informal side?
Very informal
Quite informal
I can be very formal sometimes

Question 2/10

When you greet someone, how long do you hold eye contact?
The whole time we're talking!
For a little bit, but not long enough that the other person might feel uncomfortable
I haven't really thought about it! I suppose it depends.

Question 3/10

You're invited to dinner at a friend's house! Will you get there on time?
Yes, I'm always on time!
I'm sometimes a little bit late
Usually, but not always

Question 4/10

You've just greeted someone that you don't know. How easily could you get into conversation with him or her?
Very easily
Quite easily
Not very easily, or never

Question 5/10

How careful are you not to appear to be boasting or bragging?
Very careful
I'm usually rather careful
I don't often consciously avoid it

Question 6/10

Smile and the whole world smiles with you? How often do you smile?
Pretty much all the time!
Most of the time
Quite often

Question 7/10

A friend is introducing you to someone! Are you likely to seem reserved?
Yes, I am reserved
I can be a little reserved at times
Not at all!

Question 8/10

Hello Mr. Smith, or Hi Joe? How quickly do you tend to begin calling people by their first name?
Very quickly
Pretty quickly
Reasonably quickly, depending on the context
It takes me quite a while to do this, in most contexts

Question 9/10

No one actually likes trouble, but how actively do you actually try to avoid confrontation of any kind?
I don't make a huge effort in this respect. If confrontation is necessary, it's necessary
I generally try to avoid confrontation, when possible
I actively try to avoid confrontation all the time

Question 10/10

Is time money? How punctual are you generally?
Very punctual. It's very important to me! After all, time is money!
It's important to be punctual
I'm often not very punctual
Your manners are mostly American! You are informal and open, and like direct and straightforward communication. You have a gorgeous smile, and like to show it off! And you are always on time.


Your manners are mostly Canadian! While you tend to be quite informal and appreciate directness, you highly value politeness and diplomacy. You always make a lot of eye contact, and you love to smile. And you avoid exaggeration.


Your manners are mostly British! You tend to be a bit on the formal and reserved side. You respect other people's space, and take care not to be pushy in any way. You are polite. You need to get to know people better before you can let your guard down.


Your manners are mostly French! You tend to be quite formal until you get very close to people, and you are a very private person. You are meticulous about your appearance, and always make sure you are well-dressed.


Your manners are mostly Irish! You are very friendly and open, and you love direct communication and lots of eye contact. You always appreciate and give a smile, and you often get into conversations after simple greetings with strangers! You tend to be quite informal, and you love conversation! You never brag or boast.