What Medical Profession Is Best For You?

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How afraid of blood are you?
So, So.
I'm not bothered by it.

Question 2/10

What are your thoughts on needles?
No, no, no!
They make me a little uncomfortable...
Needles aren't that big a deal.

Question 3/10

How are good you with talking to total strangers?
Uh, alright I guess?
I'm amazing at it, and I love it!
I'd rather not...

Question 4/10

Do you like chemistry?
Oh yeah!!!!
Eh. It's not my favorite class.
I know nothing about chemistry.

Question 5/10

How did you do in Biology?
Pretty well (B's and C's).
Aced it (A's)!
So, uh, about that... (D's and lower).

Question 6/10

How much do you know about computers?
I could work for Anonymous if I really wanted to.
I know how to use Google Docs...
I know how to turn one on...

Question 7/10

How do you feel about working in groups with different people in groups or teams?
Oh good God no!
I will if I have to, but no thanks.
I LOVE working in groups!

Question 8/10

Can you work under a lot of a stress?
Yeah! I work best under it!
Can I prescribe a little something for myself at the end of the day?
I CAN'T get anything done under stress!

Question 9/10

How long are you willing to go to school AFTER high school?
I have to go to school after high school?! UGH!
I want to keep learning until the day I die!!
Oh god. Uh...not too much longer.

Question 10/10

How little sleep can you live off of?
I need a full 6-8 hours to do my best.
I can get by on 4-5 no problem.
Half hour or 45 power naps with a some coffee, and I'm good!
Do you want to help people get better, but don't want to get your hands dirty? This the job for you! A pharmacist get people the medication they need - according to the doctor.


A physician is someone who treats patients based on the person's symptoms. It could be quite taxing, but you'd help a lot of people!


Dentists: They tend to people's teeth. -J.K. Rowling


An Occupational Therapist is someone who helps people recover from injuries and disabilities. These therapists show people who they can get stronger by doing simple everyday things in different ways.

Occupational Therapist

These doctors make incisions and use delicate instruments to fix or remove things from the inside of you body.


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