What Kind OF Zombie Would You Be?

A virus has rendered the earth full of zombies. Despite your best efforts to avoid getting bitten, you've succumb to the zombie takeover. As you changeover, what kind of zombie will you become? Will you be all about those brains? Embark on this horrifying quiz and discover your truest zombie self!

Question 1/10

How do you normally walk?
Fast and focused.
Slow and cautious.
Slow, with slouchy posture.
Almost running.
I have no idea.

Question 2/10

Which cause of death sounds the worst to you?
Infected by a virus.
Burned alive.
Beaten by a baseball bat.

Question 3/10

You see someone you know walking down the street. What's your first instinct?
Hide and wait for them to pass.
Go right for them.
Run at them waving excitedly.
Reach out and grab their hand.
Smile and go past.

Question 4/10

What time of day do you feel the most productive?
It varies

Question 5/10

Do you live near a nuclear power plant?
As a matter of fact, I do!
It's a few counties over.
I live in the same state as one.
Nope, not even close.

Question 6/10

Where do you place your phone when you go to bed at night?
On the nightstand.
In a drawer.
Under my pillow.
In a different room.
It varies.

Question 7/10

As a zombie, where would you live?
In the city.
In the forest.
Near a dumpster.
In a park.
By a graveyard.

Question 8/10

What do you do on a normal day?
I like to watch TV.
I love to exercise.
I like to cook.
I like seeing my pals.
I like people watching.

Question 9/10

Have you ever had any bouts of sleepwalking in your life?
Oh yeah, it happens all the time.
When I was a child, not anymore.
Not that I know of.
I can't remember.

Question 10/10

What is your preferred taste in food?
You know the zombies you always see in old horror movies, mumbling around, losing limbs as they shuffle? That's you! A generic zombie is a person who has been killed by a pathogen. They are usually aggressive, painfully curious, and mostly disoriented. Much of life after death is a total whirlwind of hunger for brains and total confusion.

A Generic Zombie

You know those zombies on shows like "The Walking Dead?" That's you, a walker. These zombies are a lot like generic zombies, except that they tend o be very durable and love to attack in groups. That's right, these are some social zombies. As an extrovert, we bet you can relate. Unlike a generic zombie, a walker is pretty resilient and ready for action.

A Walker

What's scarier than a typical bumbling zombie? A zombie that can run at full speed. That's what you would be! A quick on your feet, lightning fast, zombie who can run at a full sprint. Sure, you may not be able to communicate or really get your point across, but you know that it's all about infecting humans and doing it fast.

A Runner Zombie

Ever felt a bit more mystical than most? Yeah, we thought so. That's why you're a total voodoo zombie. These are zombies that are resurrected from the dead by a witch doctor who are forced to do the bidding of the resurrector. They're not quite as scary as generic zombies because they don't have the need to feed on human flesh. Still, they're pretty scary!

Voodoo Zombie

Sorry, but you might be the most annoying zombie type of all, the dreaded crawler! Also known as ankle biters, crawlers are completely disabled in their lower bodies and cannot walk or run. Instead, they do a creepy half-crawl to get where they need to go. They're hard to kill and very persistent. Much like you when you want something you can't have!