What kind of Thanksgiving Family Do You Belong To?

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What do you usually do the night before Thanksgiving?
Catch up with family
Drink in preparation for the days ahead
Help everyone get settled in
Immediately start a fight

Question 2/10

What is Thanksgiving morning most often like for you?
An exercise in patience
It's usually pretty hectic
It's calm and relaxed
I'm usually hanging out playing around with family

Question 3/10

Does your family spend time expressing gratitude at the dinner table?

Question 4/10

What can go wrong on Thanksgiving…

Question 5/10

After dinner your family loves to….
Sleep for hours
Get started on Black Friday shopping
Go to a movie
Play football in the back yard

Question 6/10

What side dish does your family typically finish first?
Mac n' cheese
Mashed potatoes

Question 7/10

Does your family play music during dinner?

Question 8/10

What does your family talk about during dinner?
Anything controversial and political
Cheerful light hearted stuff
Anything and everything (nothing is off limits)

Question 9/10

Does your family drink together on thanksgiving?
Doesn’t everyone’s family do this?
Some of us drink and some of us don't
We don't typically drink on Thanksgiving

Question 10/10

When does your family serve dessert?
Immediately after dinner
A few hours after dinner
We all just have at it when we want to
The Thanksgiving family that you belong to is the “what else can go wrong family.” The oven is on fire, the turkey is more blackened than golden brown, and the in laws are all fighting. Your holiday home often feels like murphy’s law on steroids.

The “What Else Can Go Wrong” Family

The Thanksgiving family that you belong to is the loving grateful family. Your family uses Thanksgiving as an opportunity to let one another know just how grateful they feel to be a part of the family. Sure, things can get a little wishy washy, but you wouldn’t want it any other way.

The Loving Grateful Family

Thanksgiving is a time when anything can go wrong at any time. Whether it’s burning the turkey or referring a drunk uncle, your family is constantly flying by the seat of their pants and doing their best to make the day as great as possible.

The “Fly By The Seat Of Your Pants” Family

The Thanksgiving family that you belong to is the Active Playful family. You guys love to spend the hours before dinner playing football, getting down on board games, and watching the Macy’s parade. You guys just love to be on the move as often as possible.

The Active And Playful Family

The Thanksgiving family that you belong to is the “Let’s take a nap family.” After dinner, your family loves to hunker down, find a couch, and take a quick nap before dessert. Sure, you can blame it on the tryptophan, but we think you’re just a sleepy bunch.

The "Let's Take A Nap" Family

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Holidays can bring out the best in people, but they can also bring out the crazy! Do you know what kind of Thanksgiving family you actually belong to? Let's find out!