What Kind Of Subway Passenger Are You?

Anyone who has ever ridden the subway knows that there are a few distinct type of passengers that we all encounter! But just what kind of subway passenger are you? Ready to find out? To the quiz!

Question 1/10

Which type of pizza is the most delicious?
Deep dish
Thin crust
Cauliflower crust

Question 2/10

You're walking down the street. What's your biggest annoyance?
Slow walkers.
People handing out fliers.
People with lots of bags.
Anyone walking on the wrong side of the sidewalk.
People walking and texting.

Question 3/10

Where's the best place to buy a bagel?
From a bagel shop.
From a street cart.
From the grocery store.
I don't like bagels.

Question 4/10

How late are you usually running?
5 minutes late
10 minutes late
20 minutes late
30 minutes late
I'm always on time

Question 5/10

Breakfast for you is typically...
A bowl of cereal
Not an option
A double shot of espresso
A granola bar
Eggs, bacon, and toast

Question 6/10

What does exercise look like for you?
Running to catch the subway.
Hot yoga.
Lifting food to my mouth.
A run around the park.

Question 7/10

What's your ideal Sunday activity?
Shopping and then more shopping.
Watching Netflix for hours on end.
Watching football with pals.
Sleeping until I can't sleep anymore.
Catching up on work.

Question 8/10

Where do you get your news from?
The National Enquirer
The New York Times
Word of mouth

Question 9/10

Pick a street food:
Hot dogs
Chicken over rice
Soft pretzel

Question 10/10

You're riding the subway when a woman with a cane gets on. Do you give up your seat?
No, I pretend to be asleep.
Yes, it's the right thing to do.
It depends on how many shameful looks I get first.
You're the makeup applier! You're the type of subway passenger who is always trying to multi-task on a moving train. Whether it's applying mascara while clinging to a safety bar or applying foundation on the platform, you can almost always be found doing multiple things to get ready for the day while riding the train!

The Makeup Applier

Uh-oh, you're the dreaded subway leg spreader! You're the type who can occupy two or three seats simply by sitting with your legs spread wide open. It's not that you don't value other people's space, you just want to take what's yours while you can!

The Leg Spreader

You're the type of subway passenger who is almost always blocking the door! Hey, we get it, sometimes space is an issue on the subway and you have no choice but to lean against the door. That's fine, but remember to step in and out at every stop. No one wants to shoulder check you out of the way, sometimes it's the only option!

The Door Blocker

You're the subway passenger who always has 10 bags! For some reason, you're always traveling with more stuff than it would seem like your entire city apartment could reasonably hold. Sure, it's your right to travel with lots of bags, but don't take up people space with your bag hoard.

The Person With 10 Bags

You're the chronic subway sleeper! For you, riding the train is a great way to catch up on sleep and hit the reset button. Why stay awake on the train when you can get a nap in? It's not easy, but somehow you always find a way to catch a few Z's!

The Chronic Sleeper