What Kind Of Storm Are You When You’re Angry??

Human beings and weather can be pretty similar! We're unpredictable, our patterns often change, and sometimes our moods change with the wind. When we're angry, our weather like tendencies become especially clear! When you're angry, what kind of storm are you? Answer each of these questions honestly and we'll reveal the truth. Are you the kind of storm you think you are? Let's begin!

Question 1/10

How do you feel when you first wake up in the morning?

Question 2/10

When someone asks you a question, how likely are you to respond with a sarcastic answer?
Pretty likely to be honest.
It depends on the question.
It's possible, but not likely.
Very unlikely, I respect people.

Question 3/10

If you're listening to the radio, would you say you like more of the songs that come on than you hate or not?
I think so.
It varies by station.
Not really.
For the most part, yes.

Question 4/10

Have you ever cussed someone out during an argument about politics?
Uh, yes, how else would I get my point across?
Only if they really deserve it.
It depends how receptive they are to my opinion.
All the time, it's a regular thing.
Never, every one is entitled to their view point.

Question 5/10

If your dog had an accident on the carpet, what would you do?
Yell at them.
Take away their favorite toy.
Clean it up.
Hope it never happens again.

Question 6/10

Have you ever thrown the first punch in a fight?
Nope, not my style.
Yes, more than once.
I've never been in a physical fight.
I can't recall, if I did, I was drinking.
I'm a lover, not a fighter.

Question 7/10

When someone wrongs you, how likely is it that you'll hold a grudge?
Very likely, I hate feeling betrayed!
Somewhat likely, it depends on what they did.
Pretty unlikely, forgive and forget.

Question 8/10

Have you ever smashed something in anger?
Just a plate or two.
Yes, and it happens all the time.
I've destroyed many things.
Nope, never.

Question 9/10

How often do you say things you regret when you're angry?
I try not to, but it happens.
All the time, I can't hold back.
It's my only real weapon.
Sometimes it just slips out.
Never, I'm very careful with my words.

Question 10/10

Has your temper ever cost you a friendship?
Once or twice.
No, but it has strained a friendship.
It has before.
Not that I know of.
When you're angry, you become a violent and unpredictable lightning storm! You shout, break things, and generally just have outbursts of anger. While most can see and hear your anger coming, it still sends shock waves through the room!

A Lightning Storm

Your anger manifests as hurricane! It's a slow build, but when it hits, look out. Your anger takes out everything in its path as it lingers in one place. Even when your anger subsides,, you have a tendency to hold grudges that last years.

A Hurricane

Your anger is like a blizzard, cold and frigid. Rather than yell or shout when you're angry, you have a habit of icing others out. You shut down and keep quiet, retreating to your own space to reflect on your feelings. Like a world shrouded in snow, your anger is like a blanket of deep and lingering quiet.

A Blizzard

Your anger manifests a tornado! It seemingly comes out of nowhere, offering few warning signs or signals. When it hits, those around you better look out, because you're taking out everything in your path. While your anger is often quick to subside, it can feel like a twister taking out everything for a moment or two!

A Tornado

Your anger manifests as a thunderstorm! When your angry, you don't really yell or lash out, as much as let your feeling be known through huffs and sighs. It's like a low clap of thunder or a rolling cloud. It isn't violent or in your face, but it is present and looming.

A Thunderstorm