What Kind Of Single Person Are You?

Question 1/10

How many serious relationships have you had?
5 or more

Question 2/10

Would you ever use a dating app?
I'm on all the apps!
I've tried a few of the apps.
I would never use a dating app.
What's a dating app?

Question 3/10

What genre of music are you listening to post breakup?
A variety

Question 4/10

Do you believe in the idea of love at first sight?
Of course, this happens all the time!
Maybe, I think it might exist.
No way, that never happens!

Question 5/10

Pick a first date setting:
A bar or pub
A park or beach
A coffee shop
My home
A fancy restaurant
A concert

Question 6/10

Would you see a movie alone?
That sounds depressing.
Of course, why should I miss out?
Only if I was desperate.

Question 7/10

Choose a hobby to pick up in your spare time:
Rock climbing

Question 8/10

What's your biggest flaw in a relationship?
I give too much
I take too much
I fear commitment
I look too far ahead
I'm pretty clingy

Question 9/10

When you're in a relationship are you more dependent or independent?
I'm more dependent
I'm more independent
It varies

Question 10/10

Are you more of a night owl or an early bird?
I'm more of a night owl
I'm more of an early bird
It depends on the day
You're the type of single person who is strong and independent! When you're single, you seize the opportunity to work on yourself, have some fun, and explore your options. You always have your priorities in check and don't let being single derail your fun!

The Independent

You're the type of single person who is a hopeful romantic! When you're single, you're always open to a new relationship but you're not actively dating or seeking someone out. You believe that the right person will happen when the timing is just right. In the meantime, you're going to take some time for you!

The Hopeful Romantic

You're the type of single person who couldn't care less that you're single! Sure, you're alone, but that's never stopped you from having a good time before. In your opinion, it's better to be alone then stuck in a bad relationship. You'll find the one in due time, but for now, you're just doing your thing!

The Couldn't Care Less Type

You're the type of single person who often feels a bit heartbroken about being alone! You don't feel totally whole unless you're in a couple, often struggling to find things to do on your own. Remember, being single is a great time to learn more about yourself and what you want in life!

The Heartbroken Type

You're the type of single person that just lets the chips fall where they may! Whatever happens in your life, you know you'll be just fine. If a relationship doesn't work out, you've concluded that it wasn't meant to be. You live each day to the fullest regardless of if you're in a relationship or not!

The Whatever Happens Type

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Everyone's got a "single person" personality, but how do you really act when you're single? Ready to find out? Take these 10 questions and discover what kind of single person you really are!