What Kind Of Rule Breaker Are You?

Some people just love to break the rules, but what kind of rule breaker are you really? Are you ready to find out exactly what motivates your rebellious streak? To the quiz!

Question 1/10

Are you male or female?
I'm male
I'm female
I'd prefer not to say

Question 2/10

You're getting pulled over. What's the reason?
I was speeding.
A broken tail light.
I was texting.
I was going too slow.

Question 3/10

When you drop food on the floor, what do you do?
I pick it up and eat it.
I toss it out after 5 seconds.
I leave it and see what happens.

Question 4/10

You really want to go hiking but see posted signs around the woods. What do you do?
Go hiking anyway, what's the worst that could happen?
Call the number on the sign and ask.
Hike but feel very nervous the whole time.
Rip down the signs so I can claim they weren't there.

Question 5/10

You scored tickets to an advance screening of a big new film. Do you spoil the ending for your friends?
Of course, it's always fun!
No way, that's crossing a line.
I tease them, but never reveal the truth.

Question 6/10

You're on medicine due to a cold. You're not supposed to drink. What do you do?
I have a drink or two anyway.
I cautiously have one drink.
I don't take my medicine so I can drink.

Question 7/10

Be honest, do you lie to your dentist about flossing?
Who goes to the dentist?

Question 8/10

Your friend wants you to bake a cake for her party. What do you do?
I buy a cake and say I made it.
I use a cake mix but claim it's from scratch.
I don't make a cake but lie and say it got ruined on the way.
I make a cake and hope for the best.

Question 9/10

Be honest, do you always pay for public transportation?
Not If I can get away with it.
I always pay.
I pay sometimes.

Question 10/10

Are white lies ever okay?
White lies are always okay.
White lies are sometimes okay.
White lies are never okay.
You're the curious rule breaker! You don't break the rules to cause harm or malice, you're simply curious as to what might happen if you go against the grain. You do things out of curiosity and wonder, rather than spite or evil! At the end of the day, you're just trying to have a little bit of fun!

The Curious Rulebreaker

You're the unintentional rule breaker! You're the type who somehow always ends up breaking the rules but never does so on purpose. Somehow you always find yourself in a situation where rules are getting broken and you just don't know how you got there in the first place!

The Unintentional Rule Breaker

You're the rebellious rule breaker! Let's be honest, you love to break the rules because you seem to think that rules were made to be broken. You live to stir the pot and cause a bit of trouble. You hate to play it safe and always look for a reason to challenge the status quo!

The Rebellious Rule Breaker

You're the instigating rule breaker! You love to break the rules just to stir up a bit of drama and have a bit of fun. You're a very charismatic and charming person who can often break the rules and get away with it unscathed. Sometimes you can even talk others into breaking the rules for you!

The Instigating Rule Breaker