What Kind Of Person Will You Be When You Grow Up?

Have you ever wondered what kind of person you'll actually be when you finally grow up? It's time to find out! Take these 10 quiz questions and reveal who you are destined to become. The results might surprise you!

Question 1/10

What's your favorite holiday?
Halloween. The Costumes!
Christmas. I'm a giver!
Easter. I love the sense of renewal!
Thanksgiving. I love spending time with family!
Valentine's Day. I'm a hopeless romantic!

Question 2/10

When it comes to exercise, I....
Walk from the couch to the fridge many times a day.
Love to run around the park with my dog.
Practice yoga or pilates.
Enjoy going to the gym or running.
Like to go walking with a friend.

Question 3/10

Your ideal pet would be....
Something low maintenance, like a fish.
I don't really dig pets.
A dog, they're loyal and sweet.
A cat, they're independent.
A rabbit or something neat.

Question 4/10

When you get sick, do you ever self diagnose on the internet?

Question 5/10

Where are you most likely to head during the summer months?
To the park.
To the neighbor's pool.
On a camping trip.
On a work conference.
To the couch.

Question 6/10

On your death bed, you want to be remembered as someone who....
Could make others laugh.
Always did the right thing.
Was an inspiration to all.
Worked hard and was successful.
Was loved and revered.

Question 7/10

Which magazine are you most likely to read?
The Wall Street Journal
O, The Oprah Magazine
Good Housekeeping

Question 8/10

What are you most likely to forget about?
Leaving my curling iron plugged in.
That dentist appointment.
A friend's birthday.
My wedding anniversary.
Calling the plumber.

Question 9/10

When you were a kid, you loved to...
Play sports.
Climb trees and play outside.
Engineer with legos.
Play in my pretend kitchen.
Watch TV and play video games.

Question 10/10

Who are you when you first wake up in the morning?
A total grouch.
A ray of sunshine.
A groggy mess.
Happy go lucky.
Sleepy and perturbed.
When you grow up, you'll be the type of person who is very confident and encouraging. You'll know who you are and what you want in life. You'll go through each day with the chutzpah to do what makes you happy without putting anyone else down. People will look to you for inspiration and leadership.

Confident And Encouraging

When you grow up, you'll be the type of person who is very reliable and humble! Others will look to you as being very steadfast, loyal, and dependable. You won't be the type of person to brag about your accomplishments or put others down. You're a wholesome soul who loves to be a shoulder for others to cry on.

Reliable And Humble

When you grow up, you'll be the type of person who is zany and adventurous! You'll be a total "yes" person who is always up for travel, adventure, and trying something new. For you, life has always been about taking big risks and hoping for even bigger payoff.

Zany And Adventurous

When you grow up, you'll be the type of person who is very quirky and creative! For you, life is all about expressing yourself through creativity, art, and conversation. You love to work on new projects, take on quirky hobbies, and march to the beat of your own drum. People will see you as a truly unique voice!

Quirky And Creative

When you grow up, you'll be the type of person who is very ambitious and driven! You always have your eye on the prize and future you is no exception. When you set a goal, there's no doubt that you'll meet it head on and with ease. Nothing can stand in your way once you decide what you want!

Ambitious And Driven