What Kind Of Mom Are You?

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Which do you think kids need more, rewards for good behavior or punishment for bad?
You need both to create balance

Question 2/10

Unfortunately, your child is bogged down with a ton of homework this week. You don't know if they can handle it all. What do you do?
I complete some of it for them
I tell them to buckle down and get it done
I assist them when they struggle but let them do it
Call the teachers and complain
Tell them to get as much done as they can

Question 3/10

Your teenage daughter wants to attend an unsupervised concert with friends you haven't met before. What do you do?
I let them go
Ask to meet the friends first
Let her go but have her check in every hour
Tell them there is no way you're letting them go
Ask if you can tag along

Question 4/10

How involved do you believe a parent should be in the decisions of a college aged child?
Very involved
Somewhat involved
Not involved at all

Question 5/10

Would you ever let a child under the age of 12 ride the subway or take public transit by themselves?
Absolutely I trust their judgement
No way that's too risky
Only after I had ridden with them on the exact route a few times

Question 6/10

Your teenager wants to throw a high school party at your house. How do you react?
Laugh and tell them no
Ask them how many kids they want to invite
Compromise and allow it if you can supervise
Offer to buy the drinks

Question 7/10

Your child's teacher has contacted you concerning their grades. How do you handle it?
I get them a tutor
I watch them like a hawk to see if they're doing their work
I offer to help them study
I blame the teacher

Question 8/10

What's the best way to spend a rainy Saturday with your kids?
Netflix and fresh cookies
Crafting something cool
Making them study
Board games and puzzles
Cooking and backing together

Question 9/10

How would you feel on your child's first day of school?

Question 10/10

The best part of having children is.....
Watching them grow up and thrive
All of the funny/tender moments
Raising them to be good people
Watching them succeed
Being their friend
You are a tiger Mom! You know what's best for your child and you always try to keep them on track. To you, it is important that you make sure your child focuses on what matters, rather than trivial things. You are a strict disciplinarian and like to keep your household in order at all times.

Tiger Mom

You are a helicopter mom! Your children are your world and you like to keep them at an arms length whenever possible. While some may accuse you of hovering or being over protective, you're just trying to keep your children safe and happy. There's nothing wrong with that!

Helicopter Mom

You area lawnmower mom! When your child faces an obstacle or hurdle, you like to step in and mow it down for them. You had a difficult life growing up, because of that you always try to make your children's lives as easy and comfortable as possible, even if it means taking matters into your own hands.

Lawnmower Mom

You are a free range mom! You are artistic, creative, and relaxed. You like to give your children the freedom to explore their interests and the world around them. You never smother or hover, instead you give your children the room to grow and blossom on their own terms.

Free Range Mom

You are an attachment mom! You have a close bond with your children that you've been cultivating since they were young. You believe that your children are your friends as well as your young, and treat them as such. You are a believer in the natural and holistic. You never raise your voice and always practice empathy whenever possible.

Attachment Mom

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