What Kind Of Manners Do You Have?

Manners are an important part of day to day life. Do you think you're manners are up to snuff? Take these 1 questions and find out what kind of manners you have!

Question 1/10

What do you do when someone sneezes?
Say "God Bless You"
Offer a tissue
Ignore the fact that they sneezed
Ask "Are you okay?"

Question 2/10

You run into an old friend you haven't seen in forever. You...
Shake their hand
Give them a hug or kiss
Wave and move along quickly
Offer a quick hello and leave
Ignore them

Question 3/10

Your mother gives you a new sweater for your birthday, but it’s not exactly your style. What do you do?
Send a thank you note immediately
Call to thank her
Be honest and tell the truth
Say thank you but admit it's not your style

Question 4/10

When is not a good time to use your cell phone?
On a train/public transit
At a restaurant
While talking to another person
While at work

Question 5/10

When is kissing an acceptable social greeting?
Between a husband and wife
When first meeting someone
Among friends
It's never okay

Question 6/10

How often do you recline your seat on an airplane?
If there's no one sitting behind me

Question 7/10

What are the rules around giving up seats on public transport?
Never give up your seat
Give up your seat to elders and pregnant women
Always offer a seat

Question 8/10

Should you ever use blind copying (bcc) in emails?
All the time

Question 9/10

When out to dinner with others, when do you start eating?
As soon as I get served
Once everyone is served
Whenever I feel like it

Question 10/10

When walking your dog, do you always clean up after them in public?
No way
If I remember a bag
You are poised and polite! You always display good manners no matter what situation you find yourself in. You believe that good manners no only make those around you feel more important, but it makes you feel good to know you're spreading as much kindness as you can.

Poised Politeness

You have extreme etiquette skills! When it comes to etiquette, you are the master. No one will ever confuse you on which fork to use or where to put the soup bowl at dinner. Etiquette is your game and you always excel. It's never bothered you to go the extra mile to display good manners.

Extreme Etiquette

You have masterful manners! Whoever taught you your p's and q's sure did a great job. Not only do you use your manners at all ties, but you're well versed on etiquette as well. Manners are important to you and believe that everyone should use them whenever possible.

Masterful Manners

You are sweet and polite! When it comes to manners, you're always on your best behavior. You have a sweet and pleasing demeanor that makes it almost impossible for you to be rude to others. Your parents taught you well when it comes to manners and etiquette.

Sweet and Polite

You are the manners master! When it comes to good manners, you are truly an ace. You know how to act and react in typically every situation you encounter. You never let the rudeness of others turn you sour. Instead you live by the motto of "kill them with kindness!"

Manners Master