What Kind Of Lover Are You?

It's important to know how you express your feelings of love, care, and desire. Take this quiz now to find out!

Question 1/10

Do you prefer male or female partners?
It's more complicated!

Question 2/10

How old are you?
25 years or younger
26-40 years old
41 years or older

Question 3/10

Are you currently in a relationship?
It's complicated!

Question 4/10

How long was your longest relationship?
Less than 6 months
6 months-2 years
More than 2 years

Question 5/10

Think back to your last romantic partner. What did you like best about him or her?
His/her hugs and kisses
His/her heart
His/her company
His/her jokes and laugh
His/her cooking

Question 6/10

On a very serious note, would you take a bullet for your partner?
I'd have to think about that

Question 7/10

Which date idea sounds the most fun to you?
Going to a comedy club
Cooking a meal at home together
Surprising your partner with all his/her favorite things
Trying out a new hole-in-the-wall restaurant
Spending the whole day in bed

Question 8/10

Your ideal romantic partner must...
be easy to get along with.
know how to make me smile and laugh.
take my breath away with his/her kisses.
be romantic and genuine.
feel like home.

Question 9/10

Which famous celebrity do you relate to most?
Ellen DeGeneres
Angelina Jolie
Oprah Winfrey
Jennifer Aniston
Julie Andrews

Question 10/10

Which word describes your personality best?
You exude physical sensuality. You express your love with hugs, kisses, cuddles...and more. The sense of touch and feeling of being close to another person are very important to you. You crave the warmth of your partner's embrace, and you love the butterflies a simple touch can give you. You are a physical lover.

Physical Lover

When you're in a relationship, you put your partner before yourself - you are completely and utterly unselfish. You spend your time thinking about what will make your partner comfortable and happy, sometimes even becoming consumed with doing those special little things for him or her. Always remember that in order to love someone sincerely, you must also love yourself! You are the selfless lover.

Selfless Lover

You and your partner are best friends. No matter who you're with, you always aim to confess everything to him or her so that you have nothing to hide. You are most comfortable when you are around each other, and you have no secrets whatsoever from each other. You are partners in crime, and it just feels so 'right' when you are in each other's presence. It always feels like you've known your partner forever because of how open you are with him or her. You are a friendship lover!

Friendship Lover

You are fun, flirty, and spunky. You love teasing and joking. You never fail to make our partner laugh, and you have a talent at clearing up awkward situations with humor. You are the funny lover, and there's never a dull moment with you!

Funny Lover

You see relationships as obvious things that happen when two people like each other. If you enjoy being around someone else, why not save time on date money and transportation costs and eventually move in with each other right? You do things in relationships because obviously they make sense to you. Don't forget those unexpected, surprising moments of love too - they're also important! You're a practical lover.

Practical Lover