What Kind Of Hugger Are You?

According to psychologists, there are four distinct types of huggers! Every personality aligns with just one. While you might think a hug is just a hug, science says it's so much more. What kind of hugger are you? Is your hug type just like your personality type? Let's find out!

Question 1/10

Would you describe yourself as laid back or neurotic?
Laid back
It depends on the day...
A bit of both usually.

Question 2/10

How do you typically greet other people?
With a hug, duh!
With a peck on the cheek.
With a hand shake.
With a light touch.

Question 3/10

How do you smile in photos?
With lots of teeth.
With some visible teeth.
With my mouth closed.
Smile? No thanks.

Question 4/10

In your opinion, what's better than hugging?
Chocolate chip cookies.
A nice slice of pizza.
Taking your shoes off at the end of a long day.
Absolutely nothing!

Question 5/10

How many seconds should a good hug last?
A nano-second.
Maybe 2-3 seconds.
Seven seconds at least.
20 seconds.

Question 6/10

Are you comfortable with public displays of affection?
Just hand holding.
A quick peck is fine.
Naturally, no one should hide their love!
I love me some PDA!

Question 7/10

How big is your "body bubble"?
Let's just say I like my personal space.
I think two feet away is fine.
Maybe about three feet?
I'm a close talker, so anything is fine!

Question 8/10

Did you grow up in a family where people hugged a lot?
Mom was a hugger, dad not so much.
Both my parents were huggers.
Everyone in my family loves a good hug.
We're not really touchy feely.

Question 9/10

Do you feel nervous when other people touch you casually?
Yes, who does that?
It depends on the person.
Nah, I'm okay with it.

Question 10/10

How tightly do you squeeze people when you hug them?
I don't squeeze at all.
I basically squeeze all the air out of them.
Just a light squeeze.
It depends on the person.
You're the back patter! Let's face it, you're not really keen on those lingering boa constrictor type hugs. Instead, you like to offer a brief hug and a simple pat on the back to offer a little bit of compassion.

The Back Patter

You're the back smoother! Warm, compassionate, and kind, you love to console and give comfort whenever you can. When you hug, you just don't go in for a tight squeeze, you rub the other person's back much as a mother would a child.

The Back Smoother

You're the back squeezer! As someone who feels everything quite deeply, you love a good hug. When you go in for a squeeze, you give everything you've got. Sure, the hug might last a little longer than it should, but you have no regrets about giving a hug that truly means something!

The Back Squeezer

You're the show-off hugger! You don't just hug one way or another, you implement just about every hugging technique in a single squeeze. A tight hug is often accompanied by a pat and maybe even a bit of back smoothing. You just like to let others know you care, even if the hug itself is a bit confusing!

The Show-off