What Kind Of Farm Should You Work On?

Ever dreamed of life out on the farm? Owning lots of land, caring for animals, and waking up at the crack of dawn? If you were to work on a farm, what kind would it be? Answer these 10 personality quiz questions and we'll decide which type of farm is perfect for you!

Question 1/10

Does the smell of manure bother you?
Nope, not in the slightest!
Only a hot summer day.
A little bit, but it's bearable.
I hate manure smell!

Question 2/10

Do you have a good grasp on the circle of life?
Yes, I accept that everything comes and goes.
Somewhat, I hate seeing animals die or suffer.
Not really, I avoid thinking about that stuff.

Question 3/10

About what time do you wake up each day?
Between 5 and 6 AM.
Around 7 AM.
Around 8 AM
Around 9 AM.
Around 10 AM.

Question 4/10

Do you enjoy hot or cold weather more?
Hot weather
Cold weather
I like it nice and cool
Warm weather is best

Question 5/10

Do you become attached to animals that you take care of?
Yes, always.
Most of the time, it's inevitable.
Nope, I keep my distance.

Question 6/10

What is your favorite part of a farmers' market?
Fresh produce
Homemade bread
Fresh herbs and honey
Fresh cheese and milk
Fresh eggs

Question 7/10

Do you use handmade soaps?
Yes, I like to know what I'm putting on my body!
No, not unless I get some as a gift.
When I can, but not always.

Question 8/10

Do you prefer working with others or on your own?
I prefer working with others.
I like to work by myself.
It depends on what I'm doing.

Question 9/10

Would you say you're more patient or impatient?
I'm the most patient person I know.
I'm pretty patient.
I'm a little impatient.
I'm very impatient.

Question 10/10

What is your favorite part of a meal?
Soup or salad.
You should work on a dairy farm! You’re not afraid to put in a hard day’s work or be up close and personal with the animals. While some shy away from tugging those udders, you wouldn’t bat an eyelash. You’d be the type of dairy farmer who works with true compassion and diligence!

Dairy Farm

You should work on an egg farm! Does the sound of clucking chickens and ruffled feathers sound good to you? Yeah, we thought so! You’re someone who loves routine. Which makes the predictability of a chicken farm right up your alley. You’d love to know when to expect fresh eggs and when each chicken is ready to roost. Now go collect some eggs!

Egg Farmer

You should work on a sheep farm! You’re a kind and gentle soul who takes a very easy relaxed approach to life. You’re not easily stressed out, nor do you sweat the small stuff. Herding and shearing sheep, wouldn’t bother you in the slightest, in fact, it would bring you great personal joy.

Sheep Farm

You should work on an orchard! Pruning trees, harvesting fruit, and keeping up with your land are all just back to basics types of tasks that you would thoroughly enjoy. An old soul who isn’t afraid to work hard, you’d enjoy the art of owning an orchard and bringing your crops to the masses.

An Orchard

You should work on a goat farm! You’re a quirky and fun loving person who thoroughly enjoys the adventure that is life. Much like the always kicky and spunky goat, you’re not afraid of a challenge or a setback. In fact, those things just motivate you to work harder! From milk to cheese, you’d run the goat farm to end all goat farms.

A Goat Farm