What Kind Of Cooking Intuition Do You Have?

Having a bit of intuition in the kitchen is of the utmost importance. Do you know what kind of cooking intuition do you really have? Take these 10 questions and discover how handy you really are in the kitchen!

Question 1/10

How organized is your kitchen?
Very organized
Somewhat organized
Not organized at all

Question 2/10

How do you plan what you're going to make?
Based on what I'm hungry for
Based on the ingredients I have
Based on what my family is hungry for

Question 3/10

When making a stew, what's the one item you need to have on hand?
I don't know I just wing things
Garlic and spices

Question 4/10

What's your kitchen look like when you're done making a meal?
Like a tornado and a hurricane joined forces
As clean as when I began
A little messy but nothing too terrible

Question 5/10

When do you do the dishes?
Right after dinner
The next day
Whenever I feel like it

Question 6/10

What's your favorite cooking tool?
The food processor
The masher
The stand mixer
The dutch oven
The meat thermometer

Question 7/10

If something is too acidic, what should you add?
Brown sugar

Question 8/10

If you're having unexpected company, what do you make?
A tried and true dish
Something new
I suggest going out to eat

Question 9/10

What dominates your fridge?

Question 10/10

How often do your dishes come out inedible?
More often then I'd like to admit
Not very often
More than they turn out well
Your cooking intuition is all about flavor pairings! Recipe? You don't need one! You inherently know which flavors and spices pair well together to make the most perfect dish ever. With your intuition, there is no limit to where your cooking prowess can take you.

Flavor Pairings

Your intuition has everything to do with cooking time! Despite what many recipes might tell you, cooking time can not always be trusted. Too often a cook will trust the time only to realize their dish is burnt or raw. Not you! With your intuition, you can always tell when a dish is just right.

Cooking Time

Your cooking intuition has everything to do with that little something extra that can elevate a dish from ordinary to out of this world. Few people possess the intuition to know what's missing, but you certainly do.

That Little Something Extra

Your cooking intuition has everything to do with time management! You can inherently put together a meal where everything gets done at the exact same time. What's crazy is that you don't even utilize timers or planning tools.

Time Management

Your cooking intuition has to do with knowing what everyone you're cooking for is actually hungry for! So often people make items or dishes that their party simply isn't interested in. Not you. You know exactly what your family is hungry for!

What Everyone Is Hungry For