What Kind Of Acquaintance Are You?

You might know what kind of friend you are, but what kind of acquaintance are you? Not all of us can be good acquaintances! We'll discover your true acquaintance type and let you in on your true acquaintance type!

Question 1/10

How do you know most of your acquaintances?
Through work
Through mutal friends
Through random interactions
Through family
Something else

Question 2/10

An acquaintances birthday is coming up. Do you do anything?
I'll message them on social media.
If I see them, I'll buy them a drink.
I'll attend a party or anything thrown for them.
I'll mail them a card.
I probably won't do anything.

Question 3/10

How often do you speak to your acquaintances?
Only when I see them at work or a social engagement.
We text every now and then.
Only if I bump into them on accident.

Question 4/10

One of your acquaintances is employed at a company you want to work for. What do you do?
Start getting to know them better.
Message them that I'm looking for a job.
Start being nicer to them.
Just be the same as always.

Question 5/10

When you see an acquaintance, you're most likely to greet them with...
A handshake
A hug
A wave
A kiss on the cheek
A smile

Question 6/10

Do you ever try to turn acquaintances into friends?
Yes, as often as I can.
Only if it benefits me in some way.
Nah, I've got enough friends.

Question 7/10

Would your acquaintance ever come to you for advice on something?
Yes, I think so.
Only if no one else was around.
I highly doubt it.

Question 8/10

Your acquaintance is struggling at work. What do you do?
Try to make a move for their position.
Help them in any way I can.
Give them a bit of encouragement.
Let them figure it out on their own.

Question 9/10

Do you believe that every person has something to offer?
Yes, always.
In some ways.
Nah, not everyone.

Question 10/10

Your acquaintance invites you to hang out on Friday with some other mutual friends. How do you respond?
With enthusiasm and excitement!
I'll go, but only because I don't have other plans.
I'll probably decline, we're not that close.
You're the appendage acquaintance! When it comes to your acquaintances, you tend to only really be friendly when there's something in it for you. Perhaps the person has good connections or could hook you up for free tickets. Otherwise, you're not very much in to turning your acquaintance into a friend!

The Appendage Acquaintance

You're the fair weather acquaintance! When things are going good, you're cool to just hang with your acquiescence and get to know them better. However, when things are going bad for that person, you tend to disappear until the situation passes. After all, you're not THAT close.

The Fair Weather Acquaintance

You're the occasional acquaintance! You're friendly most of the time and are always down to get to know your acquaintances a little better. However, you're also not keen on dealing with drama or problems that don't really involve you. Sometimes you're super friendly and sometimes you just do your own thing.

The Occasional Acquaintance

You're the situational acquaintance! You like to do things on your terms, especially when it comes to your acquaintances. You're typically pretty friendly, but you can suddenly stop being friendly at a moment's notice. It often depends on the environment and your overall mood that day!

The Situational Acquaintance

You're the always friendly acquaintance! You're someone who is always happy to see a friendly face. Even if you're pressed for time, you always make a little room to chit chat or catch up with someone you know. Always genuine and authentic, you make every acquaintance feel like a friend.

The Always Friendly Acquaintance