What is Your True Profession?

Whether you love or hate the current way you earn your paycheck, you might be missing your true calling. Take this quiz and let us determine what your true profession is.

Question 1/10

High heels are for...
Every day wear
Nights out and special events
Somebody else
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Question 2/10

Where do you see yourself during work hours?
In an office
On location
In space
In a kitchen
In bed
In a studio
Don't know
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Question 3/10

What are your ideal work hours?
9 a.m.-5 p.m.
Around the clock
Whenever I am feeling creative
6 p.m.-2 a.m.
As few as possible
Don't know
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Question 4/10

How do you wish you could dress for work?
Prim and professional
In anything that resists stains
The latest fashion
A uniform
None of these
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Question 5/10

What motivates you?
Making a difference in others lives
Making money
Creating beauty
Nourishing others
Not much
Overcoming obstacles
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Question 6/10

What are some perks you wish your job came with?
Outfits and Accessories
Summer's off
Scientific Discovery
Access to the finest materials
Don't Know
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Question 7/10

What do you read for pleasure?
Fashion Magazines
Classic Literature
Scientific Research
I don't
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Question 8/10

What is your dream view
A beautiful vista
The stars
A camera lense
Other people
Any of these
None of these
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Question 9/10

What is your typical midday snack?
My latest culinary creation
Healthy and protein packed
I don't snack
Whatever is in my fridge
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Question 10/10

How do you want to be remembered?
Through lives I've helped shape
In print
By making new discoveries
Not at all
You are beautiful both inside and out. You turn heads when you walk down the street. You take special care and pride in your appearance and always look put together. You set trends and other people follow your fashion lead. The camera loves you. Your true profession is a model.


You have the determination and drive to go to the moon, literally. You have a brilliant mind. You are highly logical. You are motivated by making new discoveries, and even the gravitational pull of earth can't keep you down. Your true profession is an astronaut.


You are a creative genius. You doodle in meetings and always know what colors compliment each other. You could spend all day in a museum just taking in the beauty that surrounds you. You are inspired by beautiful scenery and music. Your hands itch to create. Your true profession is an artist.


Your greatest joy comes in teaching others. You are selfless and not motivated by money or greed. You love to read and learn. You wish that you could spend your entire day in a classroom. You possess the rare traits of patience and understanding. Your true profession is a teacher.


You love to be in the kitchen. Your Pinterest Board is full of recipes. You are content to either follow a Julia Child recipe or whip up your own creation. Your friends are always asking you for recipes. You feel satisfaction in knowing that you provide nourishment for those that you love. Your true profession is a chef.


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