What Is Your Redneck Name?

Ever wonder what your Redneck name it?

Question 1/10

What type of redneck are you?
Loving older sibling
Joker of the bunch
A handsome one
Wild and crazy
True friend, there to lend a hand

Question 2/10

Which redneck quote fits you best?
I’m bowed up like a Halloween cat
That boy is about as sharp as a cue ball
Nuttier than a Squirrel turd
You’re slower than molasses on a cold day
He’d complain if you hung him with a new rope

Question 3/10

If your door handle came off your car, how would you fix it?
Duct tape
Use a piece of wood
Use wire
Try to staple it back on
Have it fixed

Question 4/10

What's your idea of a romantic night out?
Shake & Bake
Impromptu Campout
Trucks & Treats
Alcohol Art
Scavenger Hunt

Question 5/10

How can you tell that someone is a true redneck's wife?
They own a homemade fur coat
The Salvation Army declines their mattress
Birds are attracted to the beard.
They clean fingernails with a stick
They've stolen toilet paper

Question 6/10

Which redneck game do you like best?
The cigarette flips
Bobbing for pig’s trotters
Seed spitting
Toilet seat throwing
Mud pit belly flop

Question 7/10

What type of redneck cooler have you used?
The wheelbarrow
Kiddie pool
Back of your pickup truck
Old freezer
All of the above

Question 8/10

Which food is your favorite to cook on the gill?
Hot dogs

Question 9/10

Which redneck vehicle would you own?
Stretch job
Plenty of trunk space
Barbie Nightmare

Question 10/10

Do you consider yourself a redneck?
Yes, somewhat
Absolutely I think everyone has some redneck ways in them
Not sure
You are the older male sibling in the family, who is known for his tenderness, warmth, and love that he shows to family and friends.

Your Redneck name is Bubba!

You are known for your humorous, witty, and comic nature. You know how to bring a smile to someone's face, and you enjoy the sounds of laughter in the air.

Your Redneck name is Billy Bob!

You are the handsome sweet talker who is loved by the ladies. You’re the perfect gentlemen that all the young redneck girls want to bring home to meet their families.

Your Redneck name is Hank!

You are the wild and crazy one in the bunch. You love to live life on the edge. Life is just one big party to you and not a night goes by that you don’t say, “HOLD MY BEER AND WATCH THIS’

Your Redneck name is Buck!

You have a great value for friendship. You believe when you find the right friend, they are like family. With the right friends, you can have some of the greatest adventures you will ever have in in your crazy life.

Your Redneck name is Mater!