What Is Your Psychopath-Sociopath Balance?

Some of us are always pushing the boundaries on insanity, others are completely sane. What is your psychopath-sociopath balance? Have you achieved the holy grail of sanity? Let's find out with this enlightening quiz!

Question 1/10

Are the bad things that have happened to you really your fault?
Yes, I've made my fair share of mistakes.
A few of them.
Not that I can recall.
Nope, I'm practically an angel.

Question 2/10

While standing in line at the ATM, you notice the person in front of you has dropped a bit of cash. What do you do?
Tell them right away.
See if they notice or not.
Don't say a word, then scoop up the money.
Watch them walk away and take it.

Question 3/10

Who mostly pays for your lifestyle?
Me, myself, and I
Someone else (parents, the government, etc.)
Mostly me, but I do get some help.

Question 4/10

Do you joke about yourself or like it when people joke about you?
Sure, if it's funny who cares!
Yes, for the most part.
Eh, depends on the day.
No, never.

Question 5/10

If you were to do something once and it didn't work, would you do it again?
Yes, sometimes it takes a few tries.
No, definitely not.
It depends on the situation.

Question 6/10

How often do you feel completely bored with life?

Question 7/10

Your friend gained some weight and is feeling a bit down about it. How do you console them?
I don't, they shouldn't have gained weight.
Crack a few jokes about being overweight.
Remind them that everyone gains weight sometimes.
Offer to be their work out partner.

Question 8/10

Someone just cut you in line at the grocery store. You're going to...
Completely explode, they're in for it.
Let it slide, who cares.
Cut them in line.
Pick a fight in the parking lot.

Question 9/10

Do you feel bad when someone else feels bad?
Not really, no.
Sometimes, it depends.
Always, I can't help it.

Question 10/10

Are you generally an anxious person?
Yes, I'm often on edge.
No, never.
Sometimes, only situationally.
Unfortunately, you might just be a total psychopath. Hear us out! You're a natural lone wolf who seems a bit incapable of experiencing empathy or compassion. Though quite creative and unique, you don't know how to reign in your impulses or control your darkest thoughts. If you can channel your bizarre psychopathy into something creative, you may be able to assemble some form of sanity and lead a vaguely normal life.

You're A Total Psychopath!

Here's the good news- you're only kind of a sociopath. Here's the bad news- you're kind of a sociopath. According to the results of this quiz, you have more than a few traits in common with sociopaths. You hate to follow social rules and tend to be a bit anti-social in your behavior. Sometimes, it even seems like you're not fully there. Despite all of these things, you are capable of love and helping those around you. Though not fully a sociopath, you may want to get things under control!

Kind Of A Sociopath

Right now, it seems as if you're half sociopath and half psychopath! A bit creative but also obsessive. You have creepy tendencies and hate to follow the rules of society. Sometimes, you get great joy out of exacerbating others or going against cultural norms. You love to rile up others and feel nothing when you cause a bit of chaos. It is very difficult for you to feel empathy or compassion for others, even if you maintain a few close relationships.

Half Sociopath Half Psycopath

Congratulations, you're a completely normal person! You're not a psychopath or a sociopath in the slightest. You're a balanced person who has healthy relationships with others and the world at large. A total rule follower, you believe that the norms of society were put in place for a reason. Compassionate and kind, you feel things deeply and aren't afraid to reach out to others to offer a helping hand.

You're Completely Normal