What Is Your Karma Score?

The sum of your actions can easily determine your fate. Do you think your karma score is through the roof or a little low? It's time to find out if you've really been doing the right thing. Take these 10 questions and determine your karma score!

Question 1/10

How would you describe your level of motivation?
Very high
Somewhat high
Pretty low

Question 2/10

In the past year, what have you contributed to?
My gated community
My family and friends
Anyone who needed a helping hand
My church and community charities
The homeless

Question 3/10

What is your personal definition of karma?
Do good and good returns back in full
Our choices and actions determine our fate
Consider others and others will consider you
Do your best and the world will do its best to help you in turn
Do right when possible and the world will be your oyster

Question 4/10

How do you feel when you see a homeless person?
Compelled to help them in any way possible
I feel moved to give them what I have
I feel sorry for their situation and plight
I feel bad but don't focus on helping them
It's sad but you can't save everyone

Question 5/10

There's a pregnant woman nearing a door you're about to go through. Do you hold it for her even if it means waiting?
Absolutely it's the right thing to do
If she's somewhat close I'll wait for her to pass through
It depends on how far away she is
I probably wouldn't wait

Question 6/10

What do you believe is the one thing holding you back in life?
My fear of failure
My tendency to make rash decisions
A lack of support from family and friends
A lack of resources
I hold myself back by sabotaging goodness

Question 7/10

Your waiter is having a rough night, because of this he fails to refill your water after you asked. Do you hold it against him?
No, we all have bad days
I might feel irritated for a moment but then I remember that he's only human
It would likely change the tip I give him

Question 8/10

Which topic are you most likely to discuss with your friends?
Spirituality or religion
Current events

Question 9/10

Does the end always justify the means?
Not always

Question 10/10

Do you believe that practicing your values is more important than professing your values?
It's important to practice what you preach
Values are hollow if you don't practice them
Not necessarily
Having values is as important as practicing them
Your karma score is 100! In Buddhism, karma involves both "action" (physical action, speech, and thoughts) as well as intention. Not only do your actions determine your karma, but the intent behind your actions. You never act before considering the consequences on those around you. Your intentions are always pure of heart and melded with compassion. Because of this, you have a perfect karma score!


Your karma score is 90! Every action you take is based on generosity, good will, and kindness. Everything you do is non-harmful to yourself and others. With every step you take, your intention is to spread positivity and relieve suffering. You never act out of greed or selfishness. Because of this, your karma score is a soaring 90!


Your karma score is 65! When it comes to karma, it is not just our actions that matter, but the intent behind our actions. Actions that are taken with the intent of kindness or goodwill, result in high karma. Actions that are taken with the intent of greed or negativity, produce negative karma. Sometimes you act with both intentions, because of this your karma score is 65!


Your karma score is 40! It isn't always easy to do the right thing and to act from a place of pure selflessness and compassion. Sometimes you get it right, and act with the intent of relieving suffering and spreading good will. Other times, you act out with the intent of only serving yourself. Typically, you only act this way when under stress or dire situations. For the most part, you're full of compassion and positivity!


Your karma score is 25! It's time to think about how your actions affect those around you. Not only is your karma score low because the intent behind your actions is negative, but you have a tendency to only focus on how your choices could benefit you alone. Remember, as a part of humanity, it is your job to not only look out for yourself, but to be a steward of good will and positivity for those around you. Practice mindful compassion and you'll raise your karma score in no time!