What Is Your Hidden Psychic Ability?

Have you ever wondered what your hidden psychic ability might be? Take this quiz to find out the answer!

Question 1/10

Choose your favorite form of art!
Abstract art
Writing, such as poetry and ficiton
Historic paintings
I'm not really interested in any of these

Question 2/10

Choose one word that describes you!
Not one word, but you have been called an "old soul"
None of these apply to me

Question 3/10

Have you ever written something down without being at all conscious of doing so? Did it seem strange or inspired in some way? This is automatic writing!
Yes, I have
Not exactly like that
No, I don't think so

Question 4/10

Have you ever had an experience in which you dreamed of something from a time before you were born, and the subject matter was something you had no acquaintance with? Was it a very realistic dream? This is retrocognition!
Yes, I have!
I've had a dream about an historical period, but it wasn't very realistic
I've had a dream about something in the distant past, but I had some ideas about it already

Question 5/10

When looking at a person, have you ever seen an inexplicable haze of color appear around any part of them (especially around their head)? This is aura reading.
Yes, I have
Maybe once or twice, but I'm not sure
No, I haven't

Question 6/10

Have you ever had a vision of something that was happening somewhere away from where you were, and later found out that your vision was accurate? This is remote viewing!
Yes, I have
I think I have, but it wasn't completely accurate
No, I haven't

Question 7/10

Have you ever successfully communicated with someone else just through your thoughts (especially with someone who was far away)? Did you somehow verify that this had happened with the other person afterwards. This is telepathy!
Yes, I have, and it was verified
I think I did, but I couldn't verify
No, I haven't

Question 8/10

How strong do you generally feel that your psychic tendencies are?
Could be strong, but I'm not sure
Not very strong

Question 9/10

In question 3, we talked about automatic writing. If you have experienced automatic writing, how many times have you done so?
3 or more
1 or 2
I haven't experienced automatic writing

Question 10/10

Have strongly psychic do you feel your dreams are?
I feel they're often very strongly psychic in some way
I feel they sometimes have strong psychic aspects
I feel they are not generally psychic in any respect
Incredible! It looks like you probably have a gift for aura reading that you could develop further! To aura read means to be able to see the energy fields around people and things. The colors of the auras you see provide you with information.

Aura reading

Amazing! It looks like you might have a hidden talent for automatic writing! Automatic writing is writing that takes place without absolutely no conscious thought or effort. You suddenly realize you have written something down, and you don't know where the creation came from! You are very gifted! This is something you should try to develop.

Automatic writing

Awesome! It looks like you have a hidden talent for remote viewing! Remote viewing is the ability to see what is going on in a place where you are not present. This is an amazing talent, and you should try to develop it!

Remote viewing

Incredible! It looks like you have a hidden talent for retrocognition! Retrocognition is the ability to have perceptions and insights about aspects of the past that you have no knowledge of. This is a fascinating gift! You should pay more attention to developing it.


Amazing! It looks like your hidden propensity is for telepathy! Telepathy is the ability to communicate with someone else through your mind alone. This is an incredible ability! You should try to develop it!