What Is Your Dog Telling You?

What is your dog trying to tell you through their body language?

Question 1/10

How are your dog's ears laying most of the time?
Laying flat against their head
They're somewhat lowered but not flattened
They lay/stand like normal

Question 2/10

Does your dog have a habit of following you?
It follows me all the time
Sometimes my dog will
Not really
It usually walks away when I approach

Question 3/10

Are your dog's hackles usually raised around you?
Quite often
Only if I'm too close
Not at all

Question 4/10

When you arrive home, what does your dog usually do?
My dog wiggles excitedly and follows me
My dog sniffs me and follows me for awhile
My dog usually hides
My dog barks at me from a distance

Question 5/10

What usually happens if you put your hand in front of your dog?
They start licking it
They just sniff it and walk away
My dog just turns its head
My dog gives a slight growl

Question 6/10

What is your dog's usual response when you sit on the couch?
My dog stays under the chair
My dog cuddles up to me
My dog stays at my feet unless I call them
They usually watch me from a distance

Question 7/10

Does your dog usually listen to your commands?
Of course
Only if my dog is a good mood
Not at all

Question 8/10

What usually happens when you're walking your dog?
My dog walks at my side with their ears and tail down
My dog walks in front of me happily
I can't walk my dog

Question 9/10

Does your dog ever play with you?
Not at all
Only if they're calm
Of course

Question 10/10

What usually happens if you approach your dog while they're eating?
They usually run away
Looks at me and wags their tail
Growls and protects their food
If your dog has their ears laying flat against their head and a drooping tail in the middle position, it's most likely telling you it's feeling calm and happy. Usually a calm and happy dog will start to wag its tail as soon as you lock eyes.

Calm And Happy

You'll know your dog is a natural-born leader if their ears, head and tail is up but their is a lack of tension in their body. They usually are deliberate in their movements and either remain still without pacing or move forward with a purpose.

Calm And Assertive

If your dog is feeling assertive, it'll definitely let you know. Besides the obvious signs are growling or baring their teeth, they'll also have signs of a tense and tight body. They'll look as though they're almost leaning forward against a physical restraint.


Regardless of how they may seem at the moment, some dogs just do not want to be around humans at the time. If they walk away from you or avoid eye contact by turning their head sideways, it usually means that it's not in the mood to socialize.

Leave Me Alone

If a dog trust you completely, it'll let you know. It'll let you pet you in any spot and will run towards you as soon as they see you. They'll most likely get quite attached to you and will follow you anywhere you go.

I Trust You