What Is Your Age Based On Your Character Traits?

By now, you are likely aware that there are different ways you can characterize your age - the age of your soul, the age of your mind, or your actual physical age. but, what do your different character traits say about your age?

Question 1/10

What do you do when your neighbor is hosting a loud party and you have work the next day?
Join them!
Ask them to be quiet
Call the police

Question 2/10

Your significant other of 5 years asks you to marry them, what do you say?
Yes! Absolutely yes!
I need to think about this...
Haha! Absolutely not!

Question 3/10

You have an interview for a promotion tomorrow, your day off. What will you wear?
What I normally would wear on my day off
My work uniform
Dressing for the job I want

Question 4/10

Your best friend wants to go on a last-minute trip to Paris this weekend. What do you do?
Pack! Let's do this!
Check finances and buy the cheapest everything.
Laugh at friend. They have to be joking, right?
Try to convince them to make a plan in a few months, so that you can request time off and plan finances accordingly.

Question 5/10

Which of the following best describe your approach to vacations?
Last-minute and extravagant
Some-what planned, but keep things open
Every. Tiny. Detail. Planned.
Stay at home and relax!

Question 6/10

Where would you say you are at in your career?
Haha, career?
Just getting started, but in it for the long haul!
Is it too early to say only 10 more years before I am eligible to retire?
I'm about to retire or already have retired!

Question 7/10

How many roommates do you have that aren't related to you?
More than 2, cheap rent!
Just 1
What? Roommates?

Question 8/10

Your best friend's birthday party is tonight. How much thought have you put into what you are wearing?
I bought an entirely new outfit a few weeks (if not months) ago!
I finally found something at my favorite store, just in the nick of time!
I've put together a great outfit from my existing wardrobe.
I'm wearing the outfit I wore all day?

Question 9/10

What sounds like a good "night in" to you?
Reading a book and having glass of wine
Gossiping with a close friend
Shots! Shots! Shots! Shots!

Question 10/10

Which of the following sounds like a fantastic date?
Dinner and a movie
Moonlight walk on the beach
Night at the club and unending drinks
Play or poetry reading
Fancy fancy dinner!
Your character traits reveal that you are young at heart. Don't mistake this result with being "immature" - you are simply youthful, which is great trait to have!

You Are Eighteen-Years-Old!

Your character traits reveal that you are definitely young, but not so youthful that you could be mixed up with being a kid. You are mature - but not so mature that you are a buzzkill.

You Are Twenty-Something

You are in the sweet spot for maturity based on your character traits. You mature enough to be considered an adult - no questions asked. However, you are still young enough to be considered youthful and having your whole life ahead of you!

You Are Thirty Something!

You are incredibly mature and WISE! You have learned a lot in your lifetime, so much so that you can be considered an expert in the skill of LIFE. Good for you!

You Are Forty-Something!

Your character traits reveal that you are beyond fifty-years-old (at least your personality is). While you may be experienced, mature, and wise, you are also a bit of a party-pooper, so maybe work on that!