What Drives You Crazy About Your Family?

No matter how much you love your family, there will be times when they drive you absolutely crazy! Are you ready to find out what your trigger is when it comes to family? To the quiz!

Question 1/10

How many siblings do you have?
None, I'm an only child.
Four or more

Question 2/10

Who hosts major holidays in your family?
I always get stuck with the hosting duties.
It's an even mix, we all share the responsibility.
My parents.

Question 3/10

Wheat was your least favorite chore growing up?
Doing the laundry
Mowing the lawn
Taking out the trash
Doing the dishes

Question 4/10

Back in the day, a family road trip was....
Like being stuck in a prison on wheels.
Something we all dreaded.
A great time!
Filled with a lot of bickering.

Question 5/10

How did your family used to watch TV?
With lots of shouting and commentary.
In complete silence.
In totally separate rooms.
It varied!

Question 6/10

Did your family always eat dinner together at night?
Almost every night.
Most nights.

Question 7/10

Who learned from who in your family?
The kids learned from the parents.
The parents learned from the kids.
It was a give and take.

Question 8/10

How organized is your family?
Very organized
Somewhat organized
Everything is chaos

Question 9/10

Describe your family in one word:

Question 10/10

My family gets along best when we…
We're several miles apart.
We're working on something together.
We're laughing and reminiscing.
We're each playing our roles.
Your family can drive you crazy by passing judgement on how you live your life! Sure, your parents and your siblings are only looking out for your best interest, but sometimes you just want to live your own life without commentary from the peanut gallery! When those you love judge you for the things you do or say, it can drive you absolutely crazy.

Passing Judgement.

Your family can drive you crazy by always forcing you to host the holidays! Sure, it might be nice to have everyone in one space, but for once, you'd like to enjoy a holiday outside of the kitchen as well! Most holidays, you're stuck cleaning, cooking, planning, and making sure everyone else is having a good time. Let someone else take the burden on next year!

Getting Stuck Hosting Holidays.

Your family drives you crazy when they insist that they're right even when they're not! Nothing drives you up a wall more than arguing with someone who is wrong, but just won't admit how wrong they are. Sure, everyone gets it wrong sometimes, but owning up to mistakes is a part of being human!

Always Thinking Their Right.

Your family can drive you crazy by hating on your romantic choices! Whether you're playing the field or happily married, having someone in your family pass judgement on who you like or love can lead to insanity. Just because they don't see what you see doesn't mean they're right!

Hating On Your Romantic Choices.

Your family can drive you crazy by being way too competitive! You're the type who just wants everyone to co-exist and get along, when life becomes one big competition you feel downright stressed out. Since no two lives are exactly the same, it's impossible for your parents and siblings to expect everyone to be in the same place in life.

Being Too Competitive.