What Does JOHN Think Of You?

JOHN may be fictional, but this one of a kind character has a mind full of big opinions. Not only does JOHN like to tell it like it is, but he doesn't hold back when it comes to what he thinks of another person! Do you know what JOHN thinks of you? Are you ready to find out? Take these 10 questions and see if JOHN thinks you're up to snuff!

Question 1/10

Which animal do you consider to be your spirit animal?
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Question 2/10

How did you react the last time something didn't go your way?
I cried for hours
I shrugged it off and moved on
I hit the bar
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Question 3/10

Your first memoir would be titled......
What A Life
That Happened
Style and Grace
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Question 4/10

What's your human superpower?
I have an excellent memory
I always look put together
I can make anyone laugh
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Question 5/10

What chore are you least likely to complete?
I loathe doing the dishes
I despise vaccuming
Laundry is my nemesis
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Question 6/10

Who's your role model?
My parents
My favorite actress
My favorite author
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Question 7/10

You feel most confident when.....
I'm doing something I love
I'm wearing a beautiful outfit
I'm making others laugh
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Question 8/10

How do you personally react to telemarketers?
I chew them out on the phone
I hear them out and then hang up on them
I ignore their calls
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Question 9/10

How klutzy are you on a regular basis?
I'm a walking disaster
I could trip over an invisible object
I'm pretty graceful
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Question 10/10

How do you unwind after a stressful day?
I take a long hot bath
I make a nice cocktail
I go for a walk to unwind
John thinks that you ask too many questions. Like a lot of men, John cannot stand answering questions, even ones that matter. If you ask John what he wants for dinner, his face will drop into a vortex of frustration and his reply will always be, “I don’t know whatever you want.” Because of this, John thinks that your curious nature is not his cup of tea. We say, you’re perfect just the way you are!

You Ask Too Many Questions

John thinks that you need to be more adventurous and daring! John loves a good adventure. He believes the only way to live a rewarding life is to take a lot of risks. Sure, John has taken some silly risks. Like that time he purchased a discount bungee jump off of Groupon and nearly perished. John thinks you should definitely start taking more risks and living a more adventurous and outlandish lifestyle. In other words, John wants you to be more like him. We think you should just stick to being yourself!

You're In Need Of An Adventure

John thinks that you are a laugh riot! The way to John's heart is by making him laugh. It's also through his stomach, but that's neither here nor there. John believes that your ability to make others laugh, produce witty asides on a dime, and have fun no matter what the occasion, is truly commendable. In other words, John would very much like to be your friend and possibly grab a drink sometime.

You're A Riot

John often has trouble with compliments, which is why so many of his compliments sound like insults. Despite this, John thinks you're a diamond in a the rough. A true picture of perfection that needs a bit of polishing and a little appreciation. John likes to think of himself in a similar way. We think the best diamonds are the ones that aren't totally perfect right from the start. John agrees.

You're A Diamond In The Rough

John likes to think of himself as a bit of a taste maker (he's not). It's why he watches so much BBC America and Project Runway. John thinks you have impeccable taste. Not only in fashion, but in the little things as well. John believes that you know how to make just about anything appealing based on your eye for style. While John might lack a bit of an eye himself, you've earned the ultimate compliment from this tasteful man!

You Have Great Taste

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