What Do You Think About Poland?

Polish culture is interesting and rich. Did you know, the Poles have good food and have more Nobel Peace prize winners than any other country? That’s probably because they’re super educated people - with the most graduates of any country. Poles also marry the youngest in the European union and hand-kissing is still a common practice. Who says chivalry is dead? What do you think about Poland and all the goodness it has to offer?

Question 1/10

What is one false thing about Poland?
Poles like ketchup with pizza
The name originates from the heavens above
The name means people living in an open field
They have fought for freedom many times
It's located in Asia

Question 2/10

Who is Nicolaus Capernicus?
I have no idea!
Hmmm... the name sounds familiar
He was someone important I think
A polish astronomer that proposed the center of the universe was hot.

Question 3/10

What does the movie, ‘Home Alone’ mean to you the Polish?
We watch it during Christmas time!
A movie about a little boy that was left home alone
Hmmm I'm not sure
I've never heard of it
The Poles watch it during the holiday season

Question 4/10

?What is the official name of Poland?
Republic of Polando
Republic of ... something

Question 5/10

Poles have won a total of _ Nobel Peace prizes.
17 duh!
I believe the number is 10 or so...
A lot!
I have no idea

Question 6/10

True or false? Bananas are peeled from the blossom end, not the stem in Poland.
I don't know!

Question 7/10

What does the word 'Polish' mean?
People living in the open fields
People that live in Poland
I'm not sure!
Something about trees and greenery
I don't know nor do I care

Question 8/10

What is the capital of Poland??

Question 9/10

?What is the national symbol?
White eagle
White dove
Blue jay
Bald eagle
I'm not sure

Question 10/10

What is one fact about Poland?
Poland is the 9th largest country in Europe
Really cool people live there
They like ketchup on their pizza
I'm not sure
You don't care for Poland very much because you're more excited about the other countries in the world. You might like Poland more if you knew more about it, however.

I Don’t Like Poland

You love everything Poland! You know all the facts of the country and have probably been there a time or two. You should be there spokesperson considering how much you love Poland!

I Love Poland!

You like Poland but have a strong love for other countries! You love to travel so you're well versed in the affairs of other countries. You think Poland is just OK.

Poland Is OK

You do enjoy Poland and think it's very interesting. Although you aren't obsessed with the place, you do have an admiration for all that it has to offer.

Poland Is Very Interesting

You are so obsessed with Poland you don't believe that any other place exists on planet earth. You have a strong adoration for their culture and people and wouldn't travel anywhere else if it were up to you. You're obsessed!

I’m Obsessed With Poland!