What Do You Do Best And Worst?

What is the best thing you do and what is the worst thing you do? Answer these ten easy questions to know!

Question 1/10

When was the last time you made your bed?
This morning
Whenever I cleaned my room last
I never make my bed

Question 2/10

Your friend dares you to sneak onto private property. Do you do it?
It depends on what private property it is

Question 3/10

It's raining outside. What do you do indoors to have fun?
Catch up on my hobbies
Watch TV or a movie
Call my friends

Question 4/10

Which of these things are you most likely to try to learn?
How to plant a garden
How to do a cool skateboard trick
How to knit

Question 5/10

You are hanging out with your friends on the weekend. Where will you likely be with them?
At a bar or club
At the mall or movie theater
At home or at a park

Question 6/10

Which of these things make your day bad most often?
Stress or anxiety
Nagging or complaints
Being bored or having work to do

Question 7/10

You find your friend's diary. Do you read it?
Only if they let me

Question 8/10

When was the last time you hung out with a friend (not counting a relative)?
This week
Last week
Longer than two weeks ago

Question 9/10

You are in a lecture. What are you likely doing?
Paying attention and taking notes
Zoning out and maybe taking some notes

Question 10/10

You hear a secret. Do you share it with your friends?
Yes, but only one or two friends
Yes, with all of my friends
You are best at staying organized, but you are worst at letting yourself get some rest so you don't get so stressed out. It's great to have everything in order, but sometimes you need to go a little easier on yourself and let yourself have a break.

Organization And Stress

You are great at having a good time! In fact, we are almost sure that you are enjoying yourself most of the time. However, we also guess that you don't always follow the rules when you have a good time. Try to find a middle zone. Have some fun, but don't do anything sassy in the process.

Having Fun And Following The Rules

You love to keep yourself busy, which is plain to see. We guess that you have many hobbies that are near and dear to your heart. We also guess that all of these hobbies keep you from talking reaching out and making new friends. Maybe you should find a social hobby to do the things you love while fixing the thing you are not so great at.

Hobbies And Socializing

We guess from your answers that you are an extremely creative preson who loves to paint, write, or do something else wonderful. We also guess that you have about a million projects going on, which makes it hard to finish any of them. You need to try to focus a little more if you want to make your creativity into anything.

Being Creative And Focusing

You are great at making friends. It seems as though every time you go somewhere new you end up making a new friend. However, friends like to share secrets, and we guess that you are sharing more than your own. While gossiping might be fun, it can ruin friendships if you aren't careful...so be careful!

Friendship And Gossip