What Do People Respect Most About You?

Odds are, there's something that others respect about you more than anyone else. Do you know what you're most respected for amongst those who know you well? It's time to find out!

Question 1/10

When you arrive at a party you...
Enjoy making a grand entrance
Always come with a gift in hand
Start chatting with lots of people
Slowly find the people I know
Beeline right for the couches or the corner

Question 2/10

You can totally see yourself as a....

Question 3/10

What were you like in elementary school?
I was the one entertaining the class
I was a total bookworm
I was a peacemaker
I liked to help the teachers out during recess
I was a bit rebellious and curious

Question 4/10

Your best friend accuses you of being distant. What do you do?
I talk it over with them as soon as possible
I explain that I've been busy and not to take it personally
I avoid them for a few weeks
I start planning more one on one time
I accuse them of being jealous

Question 5/10

When you do a favor for someone else, what do you expect in return?
I don't expect anything!
I expect gratitude.
I expect them to return the favor.
It depends on the type of favor.

Question 6/10

You're most likely to receive praise at work for being...
An awesome mediator
A loyal employee
On time everyday
A real innovator
A true team player

Question 7/10

What do you think other people see in you?

Question 8/10

How does love make you feel?
Creative and ambitious
Secure and safe
Confident and ambitious
Vulnerable and sensitive
Joyful and content

Question 9/10

What would you most like to be complimented on?
My style
My work ethic
My attitude
My intelligence
My humor

Question 10/10

Two days after a first date, your suitor still hasn't called. What are your thoughts?
It's not going to work out
Maybe we didn't have a good time after all
I should have been more authentic
I'm annoyed for thinking they liked me
People respect that you're a true class act! No matter what the circumstances or situation, you always handle yourself with grace and class. You don't let anything ruffle your feathers and you surely don't let your emotions get the best of you. You always do the right thing, even when the right thing is the hardest thing to do.

People Respect That You're A Class Act!

What others respect about you is that you always take the the high road! In life, you understand that sometimes it's best to be the bigger person and simply move on from conflict. You always take the high road and do the right thing in every situation you find yourself engaged in. You're a true rarity in this world!

You Always Take The High Road!

What others respect about you is that you forgive and forget! It's easy to hold a grudge and hold contempt for others, it's a lot harder to move on and learn from what's happened. What others love about you is your ability to forgive, forget, and move on. You're not a doormat by any means, but you understand that living well is often about forgiveness.

You Forgive And Forget!

What people respect about you is that you're confident and steadfast! You are stable and steady in every decision. With a great confidence and knowledge of who you are, you approach everyday with a sense of adventure and ambition. Not only would you never let anyone tell you what to be or what to do, but you'd never let anyone push around your loved ones either.

You're Confident And Steadfast!

What people respect most about you is that you're open minded and adventurous! The difference between you and most people is that you're always willing to see the bigger picture, lean in to change, and go beyond your comfort zone. Nothing scares you in this world other than the thought of being bored!

You're Open Minded And Adventurous!