What Color Glasses Do You See The World Through?

Some of us see the world through rose colored glasses and some of us don't. Do you know what color glasses you see the world through? Take these 10 questions and find out!

Question 1/9

What's your first thought upon waking in the morning?
"Ugh I'm so tired."
"A brand new day!"
"Where's the coffee!?"
"Just 5 more minutes."
"Time to get moving."

Question 2/9

Do you feel as if your work day drags on or flies by?
I stay busy so it flies by
I try to have fun and get my work done so it goes quick
I'm so bored and unchallenged it drags
I spend the whole day watching the clock

Question 3/9

How do you behave when very hungry?
I lash out at everyone around me (hangry)
I grab a snack and continue living joyfully
I tend to binge eat everything in site and then regret it
I embark on an emotional roller coaster until finding adequate food

Question 4/9

In general, what mood are you on a daily basis?
I'm happy and optimistic
I'm hyper
I'm calm
I'm irritable
I'm pensive

Question 5/9

How do you react when things go poorly?
I get angry/frustrated
I try to see the bright side
I look for a silver lining
I cry about it
I learn from my mistakes and move on

Question 6/9

What role do you tend to play in your group of friends?
I'm the ringleader
I'm the comic relief
I'm the shoulder to cry on
I'm the mediator
I'm the sensitive one

Question 7/9

What color do you believe best represents your soul?

Question 8/9

What's the easiest way for you to fully relax?
Talk with friends
Spend time alone
Take a hot bath
Hang out in nature

Question 9/9

How quickly do you fall asleep at night?
Within 5 minutes of laying down
Within 20 minutes of laying down
About an hour after laying down
I have a hard time falling asleep at night
You see the world through rose colored glasses! Through your glasses, life is full of hope, optimism and positivity. Even when bad situations arise, you always find a silver lining. You know that set backs are just opportunities for growth and that struggle makes pleasure that much more rewarding.

Rose Colored Glasses

You see the world through yellow colored glasses! With a sunny disposition, you tend to see the bright side of every situation. Where others might get down about simple stresses and situations, you always keep an energetic and positive outlook on life.

Yellow Colored Glasses

You see the world through blue colored glasses! As a calm and peaceful individual, you see the worlds in shades of serene blue. Your ability to remain patient and calm in any situation is a true gift. With a few deep breaths you can assess and take on any situation life throughs your way.

Blue Colored Glasses

You see the world through clear glasses! What you see is what you get. You don't view the world through a tinted lens, instead you see every situation for what it is. Your logic and sense of realism allow you to keep perspective on any and every event that occurs in life. You never get emotional or irrational, life is very clear cut.

Clear Glasses

You see the world through green colored glasses! Your lens is as green as a spring day. You favor the natural side of life and tend to look for the good in everyone and everything. You observe the behavior of others from the perspective of their situation. You have amazing empathy and compassion.

Green Colored Glasses