What Age Is Your Personality?

Do you act your age, or do you act older or younger than you really are? Take this quiz to find the age of your personality!

Question 1/10

How old are you actually?
17 or younger
18 to 30
31 to 59
60 or older

Question 2/10

People tell you that you...
Act younger than I am
Act my age
Act older than I am

Question 3/10

A kid wants you to play a game with them. What do you do?
I play the game
I will play, but only if it is a board game or video game
I do not play

Question 4/10

Your friends invite you out last minute. Do you go out?
I go
I go, depending on what they are doing
I probably won't go

Question 5/10

You have to pay your bills. Do you have enough money?
Yes, for sure

Question 6/10

You have a big presentation to give. Are you prepared?
Yes, I finished it a while ago
Maybe, I finished it last minute
No, I didn't finish it

Question 7/10

How many hours of sleep do you usually get in a night?
Less than 8
About 8
More than 8

Question 8/10

Does your back ever hurt for no reason?
No, but it hurts because I exercise

Question 9/10

You have extra money. What will you do with it?
Buy myself something nice
Go out to eat
Save it

Question 10/10

If you could change your age, would you?
Yes, I would be older
Yes, I would be younger
Your personality is the age of a child! If anyone every calls you childish, now you know why. You are full of life and you love to have a fun time and to be active, however, you can be immature at times too.

Child-Age Personality

You have the personality of a teenager. If you are a teenager, then we guess that you act your age. If you are not a teenager, then you may have some maturing to do. Either way, you are full of life and a little spunk too. You are sure to love a great party as well!

Teenage Personality

You have the personality of a young adult. This is great whether you are young or old! You are full of life, but you also know how to be mature. You have a grasp of your responsibilities, even though you may still get stressed out sometimes.

Young Adult Personality

You have the personality of a middle aged person. For most people who tke this quiz, this probably means that you act more mature than you actually are. People with this kind of personality are centered most of the time, even though you may feel like having a crisis at other times.

Middle Aged Personality

You have the personality of an elder! This means that you are mature for your age, or if you are an elder, that you act your age. You are likely a mellow person who doesn't get up to many crazy things, other than marathoning your favorite game show. You have a relaxed life. Good for you!

Elder Personality