This Interview Quiz Will Reveal Your True Job Hunting Skills!

Question 1/10
How do you respond to the dreaded “What’s your biggest weakness?” interview question?
"I'm a perfectionist."
"I can't really think of one."
"I'm impatient and hot tempered."
"I have trouble prioritizing."

Question 2/10
You've got an interview lined up. How do you prepare?
Research the company and find out more about them.
Practice interview questions.
Clarify my "selling points" or why I want the job.
Take a deep breath and hope for the best!

Question 3/10
If a recruiter snooped around your Facebook page, what’s the most salacious thing he would find?
Lots of party pics.
A shot of me in my bathing suit.
A snarky comment about a friend.
Lots of pictures of my dog and family.

Question 4/10
Who would you ask for as a reference?
My old boss.
My college friend.
My Mom's friend.
My mentor.

Question 5/10
You're not exactly qualified for the position, but you really want it. How do you sell yourself?
Describe myself as a fast learner with a lot of ambition.
Note that I'm a quick study who loves to learn as I go.
Offer to take a pay cut until I reach the necessary experience.
Explain why I'm almost too good for this job.

Question 6/10
You have a job interview next week. What are you going to wear?
A black pantsuit.
Whatever the office dress code calls for.
My best church attire.
Something memorable.

Question 7/10
How would you respond if HR asked for your salary requirements in the first phone interview?
Name a precise figure.
Give a ballpark range.
Avoid the question.
Tell them to match my current salary.

Question 8/10
Everyone wants to get in good with the interviewer. How would you schmooze?
Bring them a coffee and a pastry.
Compliment them on their outfit.
Compliment the on their office.
None of these, schmoozing is never a good idea.

Question 9/10
When things don't go your way, how do you react?
With tears and a lot of frustration.
With anger and some curse words.
With a shrug and a smile.

Question 10/10
Be honest, how would your last boss describe you in a word?
This quiz revealed that you're a total job hunting whiz! Not only can you ace any job interview that comes your way but you're skilled at building resumes that compel hiring managers to reach out and touch base. You're adept at knowing what people want to hear, how to present yourself in a good light, and just what makes you a great job candidate.

You're A Job Hunting Whiz!
This quiz revealed that you're the ideal job candidate! Not only are you charming and quick on your feet, but you know how to say what others want to hear, especially in a job interview. You're creative, hardworking, and dedicated to being the best at what you do! Hiring managers appreciate your ambition and skill!

You're The Ideal Job Candidate!
This quiz revealed that you bring great job hunting skills to the table! You know how to find a job and aren't afraid to put yourself out there. While your interview skills might be a little rusty, you know how to present yourself in a positive light and say the things you think a potential employer will want to hear. Now just work on your confidence and you'll get any job you want!

You Bring Great Skills To The Table!
This quiz revealed that your job hunting skills could use some work! Hey, finding a job isn't easy, in fact, it can feel a bit impossible in the modern day. With thousands of resumes going out for single job postings, it's not easy to stand out and make an impression. Have a little confidence in who you are and what you bring to the table! Make a statement and don't be afraid to try for any job that peaks your interest. You'll find the one soon enough!

You Could Use Some Work!
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