This Divination Test Will Reveal The Next 30 Days Of Your Life.

Question 1/10
What makes you the happiest?
Being told that I'm a good friend.
Being told I look great.
Being told I did a good job.

Question 2/10
When you see this raven, you feel....

Question 3/10
What would you fill this tea cup with?
Tea, obviously.

Question 4/10
Is the first letter of your name a vowel?
Rather not say.

Question 5/10
Is your last name longer or shorter than five letters?
Longer than five letters.
Shorter than five letters.
Exactly five letters.

Question 6/10
You can choose any book off of the library shelf. What would catch your eye?
A bright cover.
A notable author.
A good story.

Question 7/10
Which superstition do you believe in?
Not breaking a mirror.
Not letting a black cat cross your path.
Not stepping on sidewalk cracks.

Question 8/10
How do you make a bad day better?
I find peace and quiet.
I hang out with friends and vent.
I go shopping.

Question 9/10
Your group of friends is...
Tight knit.
Big and varied.
Not existent.

Question 10/10
What do you see in the smoke?
A face.
A flower or plant.
Nothing at all.
Lucky you, based on this divination test, you’re going to enjoy 30 good days in a row. Everyday you wake up and alive is a good day, that’s a fact. But a string of good days is almost a miracle in its own right. Whatever you’ve been seeking at work or school will finally come to light. You’ll do well with money, meet up with old friends you haven’t seen in quite some time and enjoy truly virtuous health.

30 Good Days
The next 30 days of your life will be filled with ups and downs. Based on this divination test, the month will start out smooth. You may even earn a promotion at work or come into a windfall of money. However, things will start to level out around the middle of the month, when you’ll experience a major unexpected expense and a crack in a personal relationship. By the end of the month, you’ll rebound and come out on top. It’ll be a roller coaster, but you’ll reach the bottom being better than when you started!

30 Days Of Ups And Downs
Sometimes the universe likes to test us through struggle. Unfortunately, this month is your test. The next 30 days will be hard. You’ll often wonder how you’ll get through or make it another day. Keep going. What you learn this month will set you up for great fortune and happiness in the months that are yet to come. Remember, sometimes things happen to get us where we need to be and make us the people we are meant to become.

30 Days Of Being Tested
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What does the next 30 days hold in store for you? Let this divination test decide. Answer truthfully and quickly to reveal the next 30 days of your life. The results may shock you.