This Deep Personality Test Will Reveal Your Most Compelling Characteristics.

Like a fingerprint, each of our personalities is unique in a certain way. Some of us have one compelling characteristic that simply sets us apart from the rest. Can this deep personality test reveal your most compelling trait? Warning: it might not be the characteristic you think!

Question 1/10
If you were to win an award at work, which would it be?
Most creative
Best morale booster
Most punctual
Best mediator
Best emails

Question 2/10
Everyone has fears. Which of these things do you fear the most?
Bugs or insects.
Public speaking.
Closed spaces.
Missing out.
Failing miserably.

Question 3/10
For one day, you can have any super power on earth. Which do you choose?
Super strength
Super speed

Question 4/10
Which of the following subjects did you excel in the most?

Question 5/10
If you arrive at a party before your friends, what do you usually do?
Wait in the car for them to arrive.
Mingle with new people.
Get a drink while I wait.
Circle the block a few more times.
Go in and get the party started.

Question 6/10
At most social gatherings, you are...
The quiet observer
The social butterfly
The life of the party
The one with all the stories

Question 7/10
What would you say you spend the most money on?
Eating out
Home decor

Question 8/10
Which of the following would your friends say about you?

Question 9/10
What is the most organized room in your home?
Living room

Question 10/10
Would you always rather be 10 minutes late or 10 minutes early?
10 minutes late
10 minutes early
It depends on the day
Your most compelling characteristic is that you're open to experiences! Unlike many people, you're willing to try anything once. You don't like to stay in your comfort zone and truly enjoy traveling the world and experiencing different cultures. You believe hat it is key in life to take leaps of faith and try new things. When something scares you, there is no backing down, you face it with courage and bravery.

Open To Experiences
Your most compelling characteristic is charisma! You ooze charm When you enter a room, people notice. They're drawn to your warm and inviting personality. You turn frowns upside down and truly make others feel included in your little world. Unlike many people, you have a knack for always finding common ground or a deep connection with everyone you meet. No wonder strangers are always cozying up to you!

Your most compelling characteristic is efficiency! While some people meander through life not knowing what they want, you are driven, focused, and totally efficient. You strive to find ways to make your dreams a reality. Nothing intimidates you and no challenge is too big for you to overcome. As an outside the box thinker, you are always coming up with amazing ideas and pushing the limits of what's possible!

Your most compelling characteristic is compassion! The world is in short supply of people who feel deeply. As a compassionate soul, you are very people focused. You love to help others and have a true knack for taking in a walk in someone else's shoes. You feel things fare more deeply than most, which is why you always feel compelled to jump into action.

Your most compelling characteristic is sense of humor! Some people take themselves and life way too seriously. You're not one of those people. To you, every situation or moment can hold a reason to laugh or smile. Even when things are going horribly wrong, you find the humor in the situation and make the most of what you've been given. You're a pleasure to be around because you never take anything too seriously.

Sense Of Humor