There Are Four Types Of Foodies In The World: Which One Are You?

Foodies are passionate about food the way most of us are passionate about sleep or coffee! There are four distinct types of foodies in the world: which one are you? How do you approach trying new foods? With just 10 quiz questions, we'll reveal the foodie that lies within!

Question 1/10
Choose the condiment you're most passionate about eating:
Organic honey
Fruit preserves
Small batch mayonaisse

Question 2/10
What's your favorite type of burger?
Anything with wagyu beef.
Just a simple bacon cheeseburger.
A smashburger.
Anything on a pretzel bun.

Question 3/10
In your opinion, pasta should always...
Be made with chickpeas.
Handmade with organic ingredients.
Fresh but unfussy.
Smothered in sauce.

Question 4/10
Which sounds like your idea of an afternoon pick-me-up?
Single origin, pour over coffee.
Kale smoothie.
Mocha latte with salted caramel.
Avocado toast.

Question 5/10
Where are you most likely to pick up a cup of coffee?
An organic cafe
A local coffee shop
Anywhere it's cheap

Question 6/10
What's your opinion on street food?
It's some of the best food around!
I personally wouldn't try it out.
I think it's a bit dirty.
It's so authentic!

Question 7/10
What's your dream food destination?

Question 8/10
Which is true of your kitchen?
I have more sauces in the fridge than actual food.
I try to cook something new each day.
I'll out cook you and your grandma.
It's take out all day everyday.

Question 9/10
You're about to eat the best meal of your life. What do you do?
Post a picture on Instagram.
Get my beverage pairing ready.
Dive right in and enjoy.
Feel a little sad that it will be over soon.

Question 10/10
How do you find new restaurants while traveling?
In my Zagat guide, duh!
I ask the locals.
I Google restaurants.
I walk around and see what's good.
You're the organic foodie! One can always find you with a big basket of root vegetables, cold pressed olive oil and organic jam. You love to his up farmer's markets and stick to a mostly vegan or vegetarian diet. You love drinking out of mason jars unironically and truly thrive in a farm-to-table environment!

The Organic Foodie
You're the classic one upper foodie! No matter what someone has eaten, you've eaten something better. You love to go to the best and newest restaurants. In fact, you pretty much live on your Zagat app. After all, you need to hit up all the hot spots before anyone else!

The One Upper
You're the snob foodie! Somehow, you always find a reason to complain about your meal. The soup is always too hot or too cold. The wine pairings lack "nuance" and nothing is presented to your liking. You have high standards for what you consider to be a good meal!

The Snob
You're the anti-snob! You're basically the best kind of foodie to be around. The reason? You'll give anything a try. Street food? You're in, the greasier and more authentic the better! That new restaurant down the street? Sure, you'll try anything once! You love the experience of trying new foods and delving into different cultures. You're not snobby in the slightest!

The Anti-snob