There Are Five Types Of Coworkers: Which are You?

According to data, there are five distinct types of co-workers, each with their own quirks and habits! Do you know what kind of co-worker you are? Can the data on this quiz decide? Answer each question truthfully and without overthinking. At the end, you can discover the type of co-worker you actually are.

Question 1/10
What would your office mug say?
World's Best Boss
Warning: Sarcasm.
The tears of my enemies
Enjoy the little things
No drama llama

Question 2/10
What makes you laugh the hardest?
TV shows
YouTube fails
A good joke

Question 3/10
What's on your desk?
Succulents or plants
Family photos
Action figures
Nothing, just office supplies.
Colorful accessories.

Question 4/10
How would you describe your work style?

Question 5/10
What would you do in order to get a promotion?
Flatter my boss
Step on some toes
Work late
Submit a proposal
Spread rumors

Question 6/10
Your boss gives you the day off. What do you do with it?
Hit up the bar.
Sleep until noon.
Spend time outside.
Catch up on chores.
Go shopping.

Question 7/10
Who would you bring to the holiday office party?
No one
Another co-worker
My best friend
My significant other
My sibling

Question 8/10
What would you order at the bar during happy hour?
Rum and coke

Question 9/10
If you made a mistake, would you own up to it?
I'm not sure.
Probably not.
Yes, right away.
I'd fix the problem and then own up to it.
I'd try to shirk the blame.

Question 10/10
Do you make personal calls at work?
All the time
On special occasions
Absolutely not
I just text instead...
You're the complainer! Running into you at the water cooler is always a serious experience. No matter what happens, good news or bad news, you can always find a reason to complain. Whether it is the coffee not being hot enough or the office being too breezy, you love to let loose with complaints to those around you!

The Complainer
You're the procrastinator! Let's face it, you always wait until the last minute to get things done. Even if you've had a project on your desk for weeks, you don't even get started until the night before. You don't like to volunteer for anything and you're not exactly keen on going the extra mile. While you do get your work done, it often takes more time than it should!

The Procrastinator
You're the introvert! Basically, you're a pretty okay co-worker. You prefer to keep your head down and just focus on your work. You never gossip and rarely partake in watercooler chit chat. Some of your co-workers don't even know you exist and honestly, you prefer it that way! Meetings are your least favorite thing, as are after work drinks. Yikes!

The Introvert
You're the overachiever! Your co-workers love to hate you, because you just can't seem to make mistakes or do wrong. Not only do you tackle every project or task with passion, but you always keep above the fray and do your work. Sometimes, others see you as being a bit full of yourself or perfect, yet you prefer "hardworking."

The Overachiever
You're the gossiper! People can always find you hanging around the water cooler or looking to make small talk in the break room. The reason? That's where all the best gossip is found. You love to chit-chat and spread the latest news on all of your co-workers. Romances gone wrong and bad breakups are like a bowl of Wheaties powering your day!

The Gossiper