Spend A Day In Paris and We’ll Reveal Your Thoughts On Love!

Spend a day in Paris and we'll tell you just how you really feel about love! Are you a hopeless romantic or are you feeling a bit bitter? Let's find out in the quiz!

Question 1/10

It's morning, what woke you up?
The sound of church bells
My alarm
The smell of coffee
Birds chirping
Someone honking in traffic

Question 2/10

What will you be having for breakfast?
A baguette
A chocolate croissant and coffee
A crepe
An omelette
Yogurt and granola

Question 3/10

What do you want to see out your window?
Rows of brilliant little cafes
The Eiffel Tower
Rooftops and apartments
People biking and shopping
I'm not sure

Question 4/10

What drink will you be having with your morning breakfast?
A cup of tea
A latte
A cappuccino
French hot chocolate
Orange juice

Question 5/10

You want to visit a museum. Which one do you pick?
The Louvre
Centre Pompidou
Musee d' Orsay
The Arab World Institute

Question 6/10

How will you travel to your next location?
On foot
By bicycle
By train
By taxi

Question 7/10

You hit up a local bistro for lunch. What's on the menu?
Steak tartare
Duck confit
Just a simple sandwich on a baguette
Just some bread with jam

Question 8/10

After lunch, you want to take leisurely stroll. Where do you go?
Along the Seine
On the Champs Elysees
Near the Eiffel Tower
At the Jardin du Luxembourg

Question 9/10

All that walking made you long for some sweets. What will you indulge in?
Some macarons
A lemon tart
A chocoalte eclair
A Paris Brest

Question 10/10

You end the day with a shopping spree. What are you buying?
Clothing and accessories
Home goods
Lots of food and wine
Makeup and skincare
A mix of everything
Based on your day spent in Paris, you believe that love is real! You're the type who believes in the idea of soulmates, true love, and eternal partnership. You'd never scoff at the idea of love at first sight or of spending your life with just one person. You're a hopeless romantic who can't wait to find the one!

That Love Is Real.

Based on your day spent in Paris, you believe that love is pure and good! You're the type who sees love as a very pure and sweet thing. It's something that is given to those you truly care about, whether the relationship is romantic or platonic. You believe that love has the power to transcend all obstacles and make life truly worth living.

That Love Is Pure.

Based on your day spent in Paris, you believe that love is a bit confusing! You're the type who doesn't always understand love and often feels a bit confused or misplaced in your relationships. Even when you give your all, others don't always reciprocate, which can leave you feeling a bit perplexed as to what it means to be truly in love.

That Love Is Confusing.

Based on your day spent in Paris, you believe that love is a bit overrated! Sure, love can be nice, but it's certainly not everything. You don't let your life revolve around the idea of finding a partner or being in love. Instead, you do your own thing and focus on what makes you a happy and fulfilled person. After all, you'll always have your own back!

That Love Is Overrated.

Based on your day in Paris, you're the type who believes that love is everything. You're a total hopeless romantic who believes in true love. You don't have a cynical bone in your body when it comes to finding the one, falling head over heals, or giving your life away to someone new. For you, love is the end all.

That Love Is Everything.