Should You Get A Penpal?

Question 1/10
Have you always been a bit of a nerd for school supplies?

Question 2/10
Have you ever debated stamp choices in the post office?
Yes, it's important!
No, a stamp is a stamp.
I can't recall.

Question 3/10
Which of these words would you choose to describe yourself?

Question 4/10
Who do you vent to most often?
My pet
My parents
My best friend
My diary

Question 5/10
What's your favorite ink color?

Question 6/10
Which country do you wish you could travel to?

Question 7/10
If you had your own holiday, what would be a required activity?
Sleeping past noon.
Saying one nice thing about everyone in the room.
Homemade gift exchange.

Question 8/10
What are your parents like?
Laid back

Question 9/10
What would you most want to be famous for?
Instagram influencer
Best selling author

Question 10/10
What is the first website that you go on at the beginning of the day?
Based on the results of this quiz, you should totally get a pen pal! You love to write, tell stories, and connect with others; unfortunately, as an introvert that's sometimes easier said than done. With a pen pal, you could forge a true connection over common interest and shared words. You'll feel your world broaden with every word written1

You Should Get A Pen Pal!
Based on the results of this quiz, you should probably get a pen pal! As someone who loves to tell stories and write, you'd find a pen pal very therapeutic and creatively challenging! You aren't always the type who can easily express how you feel in person, but through word, you're as eloquent as one of the great writers of days long gone!

You Should Probably Get A Pen Pal!
Based on the results of this quiz, you should not get a pen pal! While you might love the opportunity to meet someone new, you'd quickly tire of waiting for letters, and writing out your day to someone you barely know. You're the type of person who loves instant gratification, which is why you're going to stick to text messaging for now!

You Should Not Get A Pen Pal!
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Snail mail might seem like a thing of the past but a pen pal can help broaden your world and brighten your spirits! Should you actually get a modern day pen pal? Take these 10 quiz questions and find out!