Plan The Perfect Night In And We’ll Tell You Your Relationship Status!

Go ahead and plan your perfect night in and we'll tell you what your relationship status is like! The answer may just shock you. Embark on this quiz and discover something new about yourself!

Question 1/10
You decided to stay in for the night. Who are you inviting over?
A few of my closest friends
My significant other
I'm not inviting a soul
A large group of friends

Question 2/10
Which activity will you kick your solo night off with?
A nice long relaxing bath
A few computer or phone games
Watching TV
Listening to my favorite songs
Having a glass of wine

Question 3/10
Your night in deserves a share. Which social media platform will you use tonight?
I'm not using social media

Question 4/10
What kind of lighting will set the tone for your evening in?
Just plain old regular lamp light
Some faux candles
Uh, does the light of the TV count?

Question 5/10
What drink will you be sipping on tonight?

Question 6/10
Which Netflix show would you most like to binge watch on your night in?
Black Mirror
Orange is the New Black
13 Reasons Why
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
House of Cards

Question 7/10
Which Rom-Com would you watch?
I don't do romantic comedies
Pretty in Pink
The Proposal
The Notebook
Breakfast at Tiffany's

Question 8/10
You're bored with movies and decide to choose a card game. Which one do you choose/
Cards Against Humanity

Question 9/10
Will you be listening to music on your night in?
Maybe some
None at all

Question 10/10
Let's think about food. What do you want to snack on?
Pizza bites
Ice cream
Based on your perfect night in, you're single and ready to mingle! You may not have a significant other just yet, but that doesn't stop you from enjoying your own company and the company of close friends. You know how to have a fun night in without a partner!

Single And Ready To Mingle
Based on your perfect night in, you're married! A night in for you means being comfortable, relaxed, and free of any insecurity or doubt. Marriage often means letting your guard down and saying/doing the things that make you truly happy without fear of being judged!

Based on the results of this quiz, you're in a committed relationship! Your perfect night in means a romantic evening with your favorite person. Cozy pajamas, good movies, and low lighting are the key to your perfect night in.

In A Committed Relationship
Based on the results of this quiz, you're in a complicated on/off type relationship. Your perfect night in is all about you taking care of yourself and your needs. You know that no one can bring you happiness that you can't bring yourself!

It's Complicated
Based on the results of this quiz, your relationship status is engaged! Your still in the buzzy romantic phase of your relationship where a night in is all about romancing your sweetheart! Few things bring you more pleasure, than a night spent with your future spouse!