Only 1 In 50 Women Can Pass This Survival Test, Can You?

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True or False? In a thunderstorm, taking shelter in a steel-framed building is your safest choice.

Question 2/10
Which one of the following is NOT a sign of dehydration?
Shriveled skin

Question 3/10
Where's the safest spot to cross the creek?
Start at an inside bend
Jump a narrow spot
Wide, straight, and fast

Question 4/10
What unlikely object can you make fire from?

Question 5/10
Avalanches occur most frequently on slopes that are between ___ and ____ degrees
40 and 60 degrees
16 and 25 degrees
65 and 90 degrees

Question 6/10
What is the ratio for adult CPR?
5 breaths and 30 pumps
2 breaths and 30 pumps
2 breaths and 15 pumps

Question 7/10
Heatstroke occurs when a person's core temperature rises higher than:
103 Fahrenheit
108 Fahrenheit
105 Fahrenheit

Question 8/10
On a topographic map, the color purple:
Shows revisions that are based on aerial photos
Shows areas with railroads and bridges
Shows mountainsides

Question 9/10
Which is warmer on a winter backpacking trip: a tent or a snowcave?
A tent

Question 10/10
Consult a doctor if a tick has been embedded in your skin longer than:
5 minutes
6 hours
12 hours
24 hours
You wouldn't just be able to survive, you'd be able to thrive. You have a vast knowledge that will keep you alive and safe until you can get help.

You're 1 In 50
You wouldn't be able to survive very long with your knowledge. Maybe you could last for awhile but you wouldn't survive. You need to brush up on your survival skills!

You're Not 1 In 50
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