On A Scale of 1-10 How Optimistic Are You?

Is your glass always half full? Do you see a silver lining in every cloud? You may just be optimistic! Just how optimistic are you? Take these 10 quiz questions and discover the truth! We'll decide how optimistic you are on a scale of 1-10.

Question 1/10

The traffic light turns yellow as you approach. What do you do?
Speed up.
Slam on my breaks.
Roll through slowly.
Wait until I'm closer to decide.
Honk in frustration.

Question 2/10

You meet a friend at a coffee shop and the line is extremely long. What do you do?
Jump in line, it'll move along.
Ask if we can go someplace else.
Wait in line begrudgingly.
Try to distract myself in line.
Storm out immediately.

Question 3/10

You planned a barbecue but the forecast is calling for rain. What do you do?
Cancel the whole thing.
Put up some tents.
Open up the garage doors and move it inside.
Take a chance, what's a little rain?
Wait until the day of to decide.

Question 4/10

You overhear your name brought up in a conversation at work. What's your first thought?
They're gossiping about me.
I'm in trouble...
They're probably praising me!
Who cares? It doesn't really matter.
They're judging me, I know it.

Question 5/10

You're packing for a weekend camping trip. What do you bring?
Everything I could possibly need.
Just the essentials.
Food, s'more supplies, and a tent.
Two of everything, you never know!
Just the clothes on my back and a tent to sleep in.

Question 6/10

When flying, you always worry about...
Sitting next to someone terrible.
A plane crash.
Losing my luggage.
Nothing, I just enjoy the ride.

Question 7/10

A friend just got laid off. What do you say when they call?
Now you can try something else!
It sucks, but this is a new chapter in your life.
You were too good for that job anyway.
Well, the job market isn't great....
How can I help?

Question 8/10

Do you act first and then think things through?

Question 9/10

On a road trip, you're most likely the person who is what?
Figuring out logistics.
Planning the playlist.
Pointing out cool stops.
Taking pictures.
Complaining about time.

Question 10/10

Do you ever fear going to the doctor?
Yes, what if they find something bad?
Nope, I'm confident in my health.
Sometimes, but only if symptoms are weird.
When it comes to optimism, you're a 10 on the sliding scale! Few people possess the sunny disposition or bright attitude that you do when it comes to everyday life. While you fully acknowledge that life can be hard, you also know that life is beautiful and full of amazing surprises. While some like to focus on what's going wrong, you always focus on what's going right. You're a true optimist in every sense of the word!


When it comes to being optimistic, you're a 7 on the sliding scale! While you're not immune to bad days and a bit of gloom, you always strive to look on the bright side and see the positives in every situation. After all, even a challenge has something to teach you! With your attitude, there are very few truly bad days.


When it comes to optimism, you're a 5 on the sliding scale! Half the time, you always see the good in life, choosing to focus on what's going right rather than on what's going wrong. The other half of the time, it's hard not to let the little things get under your skin. You're not always an optimist, but you certainly strive to look on the bright side.


When it comes to optimism, you're a 3 on the sliding scale! Let's face it- not everyday is a good day and some things are just bad. Not every challenge feels like it has a lesson to be learned or something to gain. While you wish you could be more optimistic, it's difficult for you to look on the bright side and see the silver lining in the clouds above.


When it comes to optimism, you're a 1 on the sliding scale! Let's face it- you're not very optimistic at all. While some people can find a silver lining in the clouds, all you see are the clouds thickening and rolling in. You often take things at face value, choosing to see things for what they are rather than what they could be.