Is Your Spirit Larger Than Life?

Everyone has a unique spirit, but is your spirit larger than life? It's time to find out just how big your spirit really is! Ready for the results? Take these 10 quiz questions and find out!

Question 1/10
Which comes most naturally to you?
I'm not sure

Question 2/10
Which of these careers appeal most to you?
College professor
Community activist
Social director
Web designer
Life coach

Question 3/10
Your ideal day with friends would include:
Time to sit quietly and talk
A full schedule of planned activities
Spontaneously deciding to do something fun
Working together on a community project
Relaxing and having a few drinks

Question 4/10
Which best describes what you liked most about school?
Learning about new subjects
Interacting with friends and teachers
The challenges
The after school activities
The schedule and routine

Question 5/10
The Peanuts character you most identify with is:
Charlie Brown

Question 6/10
Your favorite spot to eat out is most likely:
Quiet and cozy
Highly rated
Trendy and crowded
Near my home

Question 7/10
You've just met the love of your life. To show them how you feel about them, you surprise him or her with:
A nice night out on the town
A balloon or flower bouquet
A handwritten letter
Tickets to a show

Question 8/10
The most important feature you look for in a car is:

Question 9/10
If lost in a jungle, your first impulse would be to:
Yell for others
Study the map
Be still and follow your gut
Take out a machete and start hacking

Question 10/10
Pick an inspirational celestial being
Virgin Mary
Your spirit is larger than life! Your spirit is as boundless and unbridled as you are. When you enter a room, others can’t help but feel a shift in energy. You emanate a warmth that encompasses all wherever you go!

Your Spirit Is Larger Than Life!
Your spirit is simply not containable! You have a larger than life spirit that is as big and boisterous as you are. No matter where you go, others can’t help but feel the energy and warmth emanating from your soul. You have the capacity to instantly make others feel at ease!

You're Spirit Is Not Containable!
Your spirit truly soars! You have a spirit that truly takes flight. Not only is it larger than life, but it is an impressive spirit that others can’t help but take notice of. You are kind, selfless, and nurturing. There’s nothing you wouldn’t do to help a friend or loved one who is in need. You have a spirit of caring!

Your Spirit Soars!
Your spirit is one of a kind! Your spirit is so unique, that not everyone is privy to just how fantastic you truly are. Though you may come off as mysterious to some, others can’t help but feel instantly enveloped by your warmth and passion.

Your Spirit Is One Of A Kind!
Your spirit is as unique as you are! There’s no doubt about it, your spirit is truly unique and one of a kind. In this world, there is no one else who is quite as special and one of a kind as you are. Others might see you as shy and aloof, but in reality, you’re as warm and compassionate as they come. Your spirit is larger than life in a myriad of ways!

Your Spirit Is As Unique As You Are!