Is Your Personality More Like 1967 Or 1989?

Is your personality more like the summer of love in 1967 or the final boisterous year of the 1980s? It's time to find out where exactly your personality is stuck in time! Are you ready for the shocking results?

Question 1/10
Who’s most likely to be in heavy rotation on your playlist?
Paul McCartney
The Lumineers
Katy Perry

Question 2/10
Which TV show are you most likely to DVR?
The Middle
Modern Family
The Goldbergs
Law and Order: SVU
Game of Thrones
The Big Bang Theory

Question 3/10
Which 1980's film is your favorite?
Pretty in Pink
National Lampoons Vacation
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
The Breakfast Club

Question 4/10
What would your bucket list trip include?
A trip to Disney World
A motorcycle ride across the US
Backpacking in Europe
Snorkeling in Australia
Cruise off the Alaskan Coast

Question 5/10
Which comfort food is your favorite?
Pepperoni pizza
Macaroni and cheese
Meat loaf and mashed potatoes
Spaghetti and meatballs
Any kind of fast food

Question 6/10
It’s 9 p.m. on Friday: Where are you most likely to be?
Dinner and a movie
Playing video games at a friends house
Dancing at a concert or show
Singing online petitions
Binge watching my favorite shows

Question 7/10
Who's your favorite superhero?
Wonder Woman
Spider Man
Captain America

Question 8/10
Which fashion trend do you most want to rock?
Knee high socks
Hemp bracelets
Platform shoes
Neon spandex
None of these

Question 9/10
It’s a sunny afternoon: How are you spending it?
Hanging by the pool tanning
Getting together with a few friends
Reading at a local coffee shop
Sleeping in of course
Watching movies and doing nothing

Question 10/10
You're staring at the vending machine and have to pick something. What do you go for?
Gummy bears
A granola bar
A bag of chips
Trail mix
Chocolate chip cookies
Based on the results of this quiz, your personality is more like 1967! In fact, you truly carry the summer of love with you at all times. You're an extremely open minded person who isn't afraid to fight for what they believe in, even if it's unpopular. You're creative, innovative, and always willing to try something new.

Based on the results of this quiz, your personality is more like 1989! You're a highly ambitious person who likes to work hard, but loves to play hard even more. You always embrace trends and fads, often preferring to do what your friends are doing rather than striking out on your own. You've owned more than five pairs of leg warmers in your life.

Based on the results of this quiz, you're not like either year in time! While you may be a free spirit and you certainly love your fair share of 80's tunes, you have a personality that is so unique it could never be captured by a singular year. You're a bit of year that ever was all wrapped into one.

Neither One