Is “The Lifestyle” Right For You?

When you think about a "lifestyle" what comes to mind? Success? Happiness? When it comes to "The Lifestyle," what is meant is the world of swinging. Open relationships are on the rise, but they're not right for everyone. Is "The Lifestyle" right for you? Let's find out!

Question 1/10
Are you the jealous type?
In certain circumstances.
Only when it comes to love.
Jealousy is a waste of time.

Question 2/10
How often do you find yourself feeling bored or stuck?
All the time, something needs to change.
Every now and then.
Hardly ever, I'm content.

Question 3/10
Would you say you're a very religious person?
Yes, my faith is very important to me.
Faith plays a role, but not a big one.
I'm not religious in the slightest.

Question 4/10
Have you ever encountered a stranger that you felt instantly connected to?
Yes, it happens all the time.
Every now and then, but I forget about them quickly.
Only when I met my partner or spouse.

Question 5/10
In the bedroom, you would best describe yourself as?

Question 6/10
How important is the idea of monogamy to you?
I like being in a committed relationship.
The stability is pretty nice.
I like the idea of love, not monogamy.

Question 7/10
Why do you think people get angry when they find out a partner has had an affair?
The dishonesty.
The betrayal of the relationship.
The idea of "owning" the other person.

Question 8/10
Is it more OK for you to look at people you're attracted to than for your partner to do it?
No, never.
It makes me much less anxious.
They have as much right as I do.

Question 9/10
Is it possible to say you truly trust your partner and still be jealous?
Of course!
I don't think so.
Not at all.

Question 10/10
If your partner was talking to their ex online, how would you feel about that?
I'd be very suspicious.
It would make me a tad uneasy.
Just fine, it's their life.
The "Lifestyle" is perfect for you! While you love your partner, you are more than willing to open things up for a little taste of something new. Open minded and outside the box, you think that swinging would only add to your relationship, not take anything away.

The Lifestyle Is Perfect For You!
The "Lifestyle" might be right for you! While you could probably test out the waters of swinging, you still have some trust issues and jealousies you might need to work on. Remember, if you're constantly feeling bad about your partner being with someone new, then this way of life might not be right.

The Lifestyle Might Be Right For You!
The "Lifestyle" is not right for you! You're someone who craves stability, romance, and monogamy. when you commit yourself to another, you expect loyalty and a ride or die type of bond that can't be broken. You could never imagine your spouse or partner with another, nor would you want to test those waters yourself.

The Lifestyle Is Not Right For You.