In The School Of Life, What Kind Of Student Are You?

In the school of life, we're all just learning as we go and doing the best we can. Ever wondered what kind of student you are when it comes to life? How do you learn along the way? Let the results be your guide!

Question 1/10
Do you focus more on the past, the present or the future?
The past, I just can't let it go.
The present, there's only "now."
The future, I can't wait to see what happens!

Question 2/10
In school, your teachers often said that you were very what?

Question 3/10
That big presentation you made for work was a total flop. What did you take away from the experience?
To try even harder next time.
That life is unpredictable.
That no one understands me.
That I'll just have to think outside the box.
That you win some and you lose some.

Question 4/10
Do you make an effort to celebrate life's accomplishments and milestones with your friends?
As often as I can, I don't always have time.
Always, I can make time if I have to.
For the most part, even from afar.
Hardly ever, I tend to get a bit jealous.

Question 5/10
In school were you more of a visual or auditory learner?
Something else

Question 6/10
When things are quiet, you tend to think about...
All of my past mistakes.
My to-do list.
Those I love most.
How I feel.
All that is yet to come.

Question 7/10
Do you think learning is best done through experience?

Question 8/10
Most of your values came from....
Books or TV

Question 9/10
If you were wrong about something, how hard would it be for you to admit your mistake?
Very hard, I hate admitting I was wrong.
A little bit hard.
It would depend on the situation.
Not hard at all, I know when to admit fault.

Question 10/10
Do you often find yourself thinking that the grass is greener on the other side?
Always, it's hard not to.
Every now and then, when life is tough.
Not really, I'm very content.
You're the "fail" learner. You learn best by trial and error. While some people see failure as a setback, you see it as a learning opportunity. You don't let failure define you or get you down. Instead, it inspires you to keep going and do better.

The "Fail" Learner
You learn through experience. In life, you learn by doing. Whether it's traveling the world or simply trying a new cuisine, you accrue wisdom by simply daring to "try" and experience new things. Because of your brave attitude, you'll never have a boring day in your life.

The Learn Through Experience
You're the sit and learn listener! While some people love to dominate a conversation and hear themselves talk, you prefer to sit back and listen. Quiet and contemplative, you're an active listener who truly hears what others are saying. You're in tune with your true self and the energy of others.

The Sit And Listen Learner
You're the reflective learner. While you learn from experience, most of your greatest lessons have come from simply looking back and reflecting after the fact. Sometimes in the moment, the reason for something isn't clear, but with time and space, you always learn why things happen as they do.

The Reflective Learner
You're the independent learner. Some people need another person to lean on at all times. But you're like a tree who grows all on its own. You're independent and brazen, always doing the next right thing and taking chances as they come your way.

The Independent Learner